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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Ari takes a selfless decision that will impact the Parata family’s life forever.

In other news, Ryder’s fate is revealed after his botched burial challenge, and Logan is shaken by a flashback.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

1. Mia is apprehended and charged with murder

Mia is involved in a high-speed car chase with Cash, with Matthew’s body in the vehicle’s boot. Cash summons backup, and the other police cars effectively obstruct Mia’s progress.

When Cash realises Mia is the difficult driver he’s been chasing, he’s taken aback. He asks Mia for an explanation, but she refuses to reveal anything. When Cash discovers the body, he has no choice but to charge Mia with murder.

2. Ari makes a life-altering decision

When Ari discovers what’s going on, he hurries to the police station. In the interview room, Cash enables him to spend a few minutes with Mia.

Ari is adamant that Mia and Chloe will not be held guilty for Matthew’s death, so he informs Cash discreetly that he was the one who did it. Mia is taken aback after Ari’s great lie allows her to stroll around freely.

3. The Parata family is in a state of upheaval

Tane is taken aback when he learns that Ari has admitted to a crime he didn’t commit. Tane, on the other hand, backs down after speaking with his brother about it and eventually agrees to obey his preferences.

Nikau, on the other hand, is less understanding and responds angrily to the idea that he may be losing Ari forever. When Ari is denied bail and taken to a detention centre, things get even worse.

4. Nikau makes an attempt to reveal the truth

Chloe is confronted by Nikau, who questions why she is allowing this to happen to Ari. He claims that because it’s her first offence and she was acting in self-defense, she’ll have a greater chance of beating the charge.

Chloe goes to the police station and is about to confess everything to Cash when Tane shows up at the last moment and stops her. Cash is intrigued about what Chloe was intending to say, despite Tane’s belief that he has averted a disaster.

5. Tane pushes Felicity away from him

Tane takes command while the cover-up goes on, urging that the Paratas keep together as a family. Not speaking to the police and putting relationships on hold are examples of this.

Nikau is annoyed since he is practically forbidden from seeing Bella. Tane also sets an example for Felicity, informing her that he needs to keep his distance for a while.

6. Chloe opens out to Bella

Bella comes across Chloe in tears and runs over to console her. She assumes Chloe is sad over Ari’s wrongdoing and tries to relate to her through her own experiences.

Ari didn’t do anything wrong, according to Chloe. Bella is taken aback when she learns that Chloe was the one who murdered Matthew. Chloe acknowledges this right away, seeking someone to confide in.

7. Martha’s choice astounds her family

Martha has astonished everyone by electing not to proceed with the kidney transplant, which could save her life. Roo thinks she’ll change her mind, but Martha insists that risking Roo’s life for her own is wrong.

Even if the operation goes smoothly, Martha points out that it may have long-term effects for Roo. After considering everything, she doesn’t want to be the one to jeopardise her daughter’s health.

Roo refuses to accept this and, as a result, cuts herself off from Martha, unable to communicate with her while tensions are so high.

8. Ryder gets saved

When Ryder and Theo don’t return home, Roo, Alf, and Justin are all concerned. When Roo and Justin go to the couple’s web video channel, they are shocked to witness the burial challenge.

Roo recognises the place and, together with Justin, rushes to the rescue. They first encounter Theo, who has his leg caught in a trap as a result of an accident near the graveyard.

The buried casket is discovered and opened by Roo and Justin, who discover an unconscious Ryder inside.

9. There is a backlash against Theo as a result of his activities

Both Roo and Alf blame Theo for placing Ryder in risk at the hospital. Justin supports Theo, pointing to a video that shows Ryder being buried against his will as part of a challenge.

Ryder regains consciousness later and apologises to Theo, who says he didn’t mean to forsake him.

Despite the fact that the boys mend their connection, Alf’s condemnation remains unyielding, and he urges Theo to avoid Ryder in the future.

10. Logan rekindles his relationship with his ex-girlfriend

When Logan’s ex-girlfriend Neve shows up in the Bay, he is taken aback. He hasn’t seen Neve since she deserted the army two years ago, and he assumed she was dead due to her complete lack of communication.

Neve tries to make up for lost time with Logan by kissing him, which Ziggy witnesses. Dean is concerned about his sister Mackenzie being betrayed by her partner, so Ziggy shares this information on to him.

11. Logan is forced to be honest

Logan tries to prevent Mackenzie from learning about Neve, but Dean forces him to tell her the truth.

Logan tries to break the news, but when Neve arrives and wraps her arms around Logan, everything becomes plain to Mac.

Neve has obviously gotten too close for comfort, but will she back off now that she knows Logan isn’t single?


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