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8 huge Home and Away spoilers for UK finale episode

As part of its usual end-of-year vacation, Channel 5 will carry only one episode of Home and Away next week.

The good news is that we’ll be left on a dramatic cliffhanger, with some unforgettable sequences from the Summer Bay favourites.

Here’s a complete list of eight major events to anticipate.

1. The lookout for Martha begins

Martha’s friends and family are concerned when she goes missing just hours before her mental health benefit. Roo is particularly concerned that Martha’s mental health may have been harmed as a result of the stress of planning the event.

John attempts to tell Roo that Martha would return in due time, but she is not convinced.

2. Alf is in charge of the search

When noon rolls around and Martha is still unable to be found, Roo considers cancelling the event.

Alf disagrees and advises Roo to keep the momentum going as he intensifies his hunt for his missing wife.

3. Roo deals with a high-ranking visitor

Guests who purchased fundraising tickets began arriving at Salt that evening. The black-tie dinner has everyone dressed to the nines, and the appearance of Australian TV personality Sam Mac adds to the VIP atmosphere.

Because Martha is the one who organised everything, Sam is eager to see her, but Roo and Marilyn try to divert his attention as the frenzied hunt for Martha continues.

4. Martha’s whereabouts is revealed

Alf is relieved to locate Martha, who has been hiding in a local park after dark. Martha appears to be in a vulnerable state as she expresses reservations about attending the event.

After spending so much time and work organising the benefit, Alf advises Martha not to miss out. He swears he’ll never abandon her and is delighted when Martha finally agrees.

5. Martha gets the spotlight

When Martha comes at Salt and begins to give a compelling lecture on mental health, everyone feels relieved.

Despite the fact that Martha fumbles over her words and freezes in the heat of the moment, Alf steps in to complete the speech for her. He also shows off the artwork Martha made specifically for the occasion.

Martha receives a large check worth $48,000, proving that her efforts have generated $48,000 for the mental health organisation.

6. Tane is shocked

After hearing about Felicity’s recent spats with Tane, Cash is afraid about her safety. He takes command of the issue by assisting Felicity in obtaining an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) on Tane, requiring him to keep away from her legally.

Tane is horrified by the revelation, expressing his assumption that Felicity has been following him and that she should be the subject of an AVO.

Tane’s rage is observed by a number of Summer Bay residents, who mistakenly believe he is the bad guy in this circumstance.

7. Nikau stands up for Tane

When Nikau learns that Tane has been given the AVO, he is taken aback. Despite Bella’s warnings that getting involved isn’t a smart idea, he gets eager to confront Felicity about it.

When Nikau finds Felicity at the Diner, he confronts her and demands explanations. Felicity loses patience and threatens Tane that he will get all he deserves.

8. Tane gets assaulted

Tane’s stalker subsequently makes a visit to the gym, substituting a drug-laced sports drink for his own. Tane inadvertently consumes the deadly beverage and gets noticeably weakened as the medicines take action.

Tane finally drops on the ground, just as his mysterious tormentor emerges from the shadows. The unidentified assailant plants a rose on Tane before setting up a chemical sprayer nearby and releasing a hazardous toxin.

This liquid pervades the gym and travels to adjoining air vents, which are linked to Salt on the second floor.

A number of Summer Bay residents are now in grave danger as Martha’s fundraising event continues to take place at the restaurant.


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