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A panic attack, a showdown and a betrayal: 9 huge Home and Away spoilers

On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is taken aback by Karen’s (Georgia Adamson) reaction to learning that she won’t be able to see Jai (River Jarvis). His mother, instead of exploding, is remarkably calm and accepts Amber’s (Madeleine Jevic) decision. Knowing that Karen has changed, Dean becomes frustrated and devises a strategy to give his mother what she wants after all.

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) complete their camping vacation and return to the Bay with a new perspective on Ari’s position (Rob Kipa-Williams). Tane claims that now is the time for assistance, after the Paratas had previously shut everyone out. Nikau and Bella rejoin, and Tane and Felicity have a hot reunion (Jacqui Purvis). Will this, however, be sufficient for what lies ahead?

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) has been on pins and needles awaiting his court date, and when it arrives, he discovers that not only is he performing community service, but he also has a criminal conviction. He confronts Alf (Ray Meagher) inside the Diner, furious, because he understands why Alf did it: to deal with his own guilt at dropping the ball with his grandchild. Will Theo’s remarks have an influence on Alf, or has the newcomer aggravated his feud with Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) grandfather?

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, March 28.

Karen is surprised when Dean grants her access to Jai

When Karen responds softly to the news that Amber has forbidden her from ever meeting Jai, Dean is taken aback. His astonishment quickly turns to annoyance: why can’t Amber see that Karen has changed? He devises a strategy, though, and spends time with Jai in the Bay. Ziggy takes Karen around the seashore and points them out while he plays football with his son on the beach. Karen is happy, but when John arrives in the Polaris, she is ecstatic. He’ll take her to meet her grandson…

Tane and Nikau are back in the Bay with a fresh outlook

Tane and Nikau have spent the last several days of their camping trip focusing on warrior training, and after some difficulties on Nikau’s part, he is now finding his feet. Tane gives him his father’s Taiaha and says him it’s time to return home and face the challenges ahead. Tane realises it’s time to rethink his mind about the family’s closing ranks once they’re back in the Bay. Now is the time to help others rather than drive them away…

Chloe believes she is to blame for Mia’s heartbreak

The Paratas’ bad luck continues as Ari is denied bail in detention and Mia realises she will never be able to have her dream wedding. Chloe is aware of her mother’s distress, but she is too preoccupied with putting herself together to help her. Mia soon regroups, devising a new plan for the wedding, and she tries to entice her daughter by suggesting a dress shopping trip. Chloe, on the other hand, can’t keep up her facade and expresses her true feelings — she blames herself for shattering Mia’s heart because she got Ari locked up…

Karen is shocked when she sees Brett inside the Surf Club

Karen has been preoccupied with the news that she has a grandson, but Dean and Ziggy have been trying to persuade her to talk about this Brett she’s avoiding. Karen, on the other hand, is a closed vault that refuses to open. As a result, Dean takes desperate measures and goes through his mother’s phone, reading Brett’s texts. After that, he devises a strategy and rushes Karen to Salt for breakfast. Karen is perplexed by the haste, but Brett arrives from behind them. Karen is enraged that he was able to locate her, and a heated dispute ensues…

After becoming detained at work, Ryder suffers another panic episode

After the Buried Alive hoax, Ryder has been suffering from panic episodes, and to make matters worse, Roo and Alf have been continuously at odds at home. Feeling like work is just a place for him to try to unwind, he runs across another stumbling block in the form of new employee Felicity, who only wants to have a good time. Ryder walks to the storehouse to get some supplies, but the door gets jammed as he tries to leave. He is overcome by flashbacks of being confined in the coffin, and panic sets in quickly…

Tane sees Felicity as a good fit for the Parata family

Tane has returned to the Bay with a new outlook: instead of shutting ranks, it’s time to accept help. With this in mind, he visits Felicity, who is both shocked and delighted to see him. They wake up in bed together the next morning, and Tane confides in her about his fears about his capacity to keep the family together. Felicity is overjoyed when he asks her to a family dinner. She quickly blends into the family dynamic, tinkering with Chloe and Bella online in search of bridal gowns, and Tane realises that while they may be losing Ari, they may be gaining Felicity…

Following Alf’s court appearance, Theo has some harsh words for him

Theo and Justin are preparing for a day in court, and it’s evident that Theo is nervous in an unusual way. The gravity of his situation has dawned on him: he may face a criminal conviction that will haunt him for the rest of his life. The hearing results are in, and he now has a record as well as a community service requirement. When Theo sees Alf in the Diner, he is furious, and when he sees him, he releases his rage – everyone knows Alf has been looking for someone to blame for Ryder’s coffin disaster, and Theo was an easy target. But, Theo asks, what role does Alf himself play in all of this?

Mackenzie walks into the motel and sees Neve and Logan kissing

Mackenzie has an unsettling run-in with Logan outside the Surf Club – he’s going to buy a takeout for himself and Neve while they overnight in a motel together. Dean is enraged when he learns that Logan has abandoned Mackenzie in the Pier Apartment and marches up to the motel to strike Logan in the face. Mackenzie is furious that her brother took action without consulting her, and she heads to the motel to defend her relationship – only to find Neve and Logan kissing on the sofa…

Jasmine has an offer for Cash, but will it be accepted?

Irene notes how in love Cash and Jasmine are as they return from their romantic city break. Once Cash has left, Jasmine gushes to Irene about her romance, and Irene replies that Cash is welcome to move in with them. Jasmine is overjoyed, and she arranges for a takeout meal on the Pier in order to ask the question. Cash, however, immediately rejects the notion and walks away without providing an explanation. Is Jasmine completely wrong about their relationship?


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