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Abbie Chatfield calls Home and Away star Sam Frost’s magazine cover story ‘disgusting’ in epic rant

In a rant about fellow reality TV personality Sam Frost, Abbie Chatfield has gone out swinging.

During an episode of her It’s A Lot podcast on Tuesday, Chatfield, 27, called Stellar magazine’s decision to place Frost, 32, on their cover “disgusting.”

In an emotional Instagram post from October, Abbie took issue with Sam’s equating of limits on the unvaccinated to “segregation.”

‘Why are they behaving like she, I don’t know, stood up for a feminist issue that was considered as extreme at the time, but now everyone’s like, “Yes, she was right,”‘ the radio presenter asked.

‘The longer it goes on, the more evidence there is that she was mistaken.’ So why is she getting a Stellar cover now?’

‘How did she obtain that?’ her publicist must be working overtime.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar magazine, Frost, who left Home and Away in December but is now believed to be fully vaccinated, spoke of the ‘disgusting bullying’ that the unvaccinated have faced.

When she equated limitations on the unvaccinated to’segregation’ in her sad Instagram video in October, the reality TV star-turned-actress lamented on being ‘ripped to f***ing pieces,’ and declared that she’s ‘in no way an anti-vaxxer.’

‘It was awful to see unvaccinated people being bullied. Friends I’d known for years stopped communicating with me,’ Sam explained to Stellar.

‘I never stated that I didn’t want it.’ Are you kidding me? I’m not an anti-vaxxer. But I believe it is unrealistic to expect everyone to think in the same way and reach the same conclusion in the same amount of time.’

In addition, the former Bachelorette stated that she merely had ‘positive intentions.’

‘I was ripped to f***ing shreds.’ ‘That was someone in a really vulnerable position speaking about their mental health difficulties,’ she explained.

Sam, who debuted as Jasmine Delaney on Channel Seven’s Home and Away in 2017, left the show in December, two months after disclosing she hadn’t received the vaccine.

Seven Productions has a policy requiring all actors and crew to be Covid-vaccinated; nevertheless, sources claim Sam’s departure last year had nothing to do with the mandate.

In December, Sam shot her final scenes for the soap at Eveleigh Studios in Sydney.

Last year, the actress provoked outrage by revealing she had not had the Covid vaccine and comparing limitations on the unvaccinated to “segregation.”

‘I was extremely apprehensive about shooting a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a stage now in the world where there’s a lot of division,’ she said in an emotional Instagram video.

‘There’s a lot of harsh judgement and comments being tossed around a lot, and it’s definitely affecting my mental health, and I know people around me are hurting, especially if they don’t want to get vaccinated for whatever reason.’

‘There are many different reasons why people do not get vaccinated, and it might be because to their medical history, their worries, their family history, or religious beliefs.’

Sam then claimed she hadn’t been vaccinated, but that she had discussed her option with both her medical doctor and a psychologist.

‘It’s a really hard moment to be in society right now, and you feel like you’re less of a human, and you feel like others criticise you,’ she continued bitterly.

‘And you’re too afraid to express your thoughts or sentiments, and a part of you wants to leave,’ “It’s none of your business why I’m not here! And there are valid reasons for this, and I don’t want you to pass judgement on me “”‘ ‘

Sam disabled her primary Instagram account and blocked all comments on the account for her mental health organisation Believe after receiving backlash for her video. Her accounts have since been reactivated.

In December, Channel Seven announced Sam’s departure from Home and Away.

While the actors and staff of Home and Away are required to get vaccinations, a network insider said her departure had nothing to do with the policy.


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