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Abduction, family drama and mounting pressure: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) attempts to give Ryder (Lukas Radovich) a lovely birthday surprise backfire when Theo (Matt Evans) terrorises him by kidnapping him to bring him to the club this week on Home and Away.

When Ryder notices how close Chloe and Theo are becoming, he copes by drinking and flirting with other girls, to to Chloe’s chagrin…

Meanwhile, Logan (Harley Bonner) is torn between following his work down the coast and leaving the Bay, or staying in town to see how his relationship with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) progresses. His fiancée refuses to discuss about his decision, and when pressed, she argues he shouldn’t give up his lifestyle for her, then curses herself for almost packing his things for him…

Meanwhile, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) continue to feud, with Felicity feeling disturbed and alone as a result of the ongoing antagonism. When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) return from their trip, Cash recognises that his sister is in distress and makes steps to assist her.

Here’s what’s on tap for the week starting Monday, November 15th.

Ryder isn’t pleased with Theo’s birthday present

Chloe has prepared a nightclub birthday party for Ryder, but she doesn’t sure how to get him there without spoiling the surprise. Theo urges her to leave it with him and creeps up behind Ryder, squeezing him into the back of his car while fitting a sack over his head. Ryder is traumatised since he has been abducted for real before, and when he realises Theo is behind the ruse, he loses it, only to find Chloe, Nikau, and Bella ready to wish him a happy birthday…

After a drunk Ryder hits on females at the club, Chloe is disgusted

After being abducted by Theo and transported to his birthday surprise, Ryder is left shocked, ashamed, and enraged, as he realises how close his fiancée is growing to the newcomer. He chooses to cope with his emotions by resorting to alcohol, and he rapidly becomes inebriated and destructive. To Chloe’s chagrin, she watches him try to hit on one of the bartenders, only for Tane to arrive and whisk the birthday boy home to sleep it off…

Logan must choose whether or not to leave the Bay

Logan just delivered a bombshell on his new girlfriend Mackenzie by saying that his job is moving down the coast and that he has choose between leaving the Bay and quitting his career. He asks Mackenzie for her opinion, but she doesn’t want to be a part of the decision and does everything she can to avoid him. Logan finally gets her to talk, and she tells him that a life in the Bay with her won’t satisfy his adrenaline-fueled existence. She kicks herself after he’s gone for almost packed his luggage for him. Will Logan stay with Mackenzie to see whether their love can last, or will he pursue his profession outside of the Bay?

In front of his entire family, Ryder humiliates Chloe

It’s the morning after the night before, and Ryder has a bad hangover, and the first thing he sees is Ari’s face. When he discovers that Chloe has not returned home, he begins to assume the worst, especially when he is unable to contact her. He returns home for his birthday meal, where he is surprised to see Chloe. He fights to keep his emotions in check and ends up letting them all out at the table in an emotional outburst – by asking Chloe if she slept with Theo.

Ari and Mia get the results of their adoption application

Ari and Mia have been working hard to make their adoption application as favourable as possible, especially when Ari has a criminal record that includes armed robbery. They were, however, feeling good after purchasing the gym since their investment as small company owners would ensure a child’s financial future. Unfortunately, the application is turned down, and Ari quickly realises it’s because of his criminal background. Mia is inconsolable – has their dream come to an end before it’s even begun?

When Ziggy pays a visit to Dean, he is disturbed by Jai’s behaviour

Dean has been avoiding having his son Jai visit because he doesn’t want his kid to think of him as less capable while he recovers from the collision, which he ultimately informs Ziggy. However, Ziggy persuades him that Jai only wants to spend time with his father, so Dean arranges for him to visit the Farm House. When Jai arrives, he is relieved to see his father and eager to avoid Ziggy. She gets irritated when she overhears Ziggy asking his Dad why she needs to remain there when he leaves the room…

Leah learns the full extent of Justin’s pain

Justin and Leah’s feud over Theo continues, with Leah determined to defend her nephew, even after Justin provokes Ryder into a fight at the Diner. Leah informs Justin that she wants Theo to move in with them, but Justin refuses. After some counsel from friends, Leah inquires about Justin’s well-being and realises she’s been so focused on Theo that she’s forgotten how much he misses Tori. Justin admits that being in an empty house is difficult for him — he still expects to see Mason on sometimes, and Grace’s room is filled with so many memories. Leah recognises Justin’s distress at being separated from his family and chooses to postpone her request for Theo to move in.

Cash comes into its own. Felicity is buckling under the strain

When Cash and Jasmine return from their vacation, Jasmine is eager to plan another romantic getaway, but Cash is distracted by Felicity’s decision to stay with a friend, which is unusual for her. When Roo asks how his sister is doing and explains what’s been going on with Tane, he attempts to push the emotion away, but it returns. Cash contacts Felicity right away, and when she arrives, she is agitated and anxious. Cash understands that he must act to assist her…


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