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All grown up! Ethan Browne celebrates his teenage daughter’s birthday


As his only daughter Aaylah celebrated her birthday over the weekend, Home and Away star Ethan Browne wrote a touching note to her.

On Father’s Day, which also happens to be Aaylah’s birthday, the actor posted a selfie of himself and his daughter in front of a waterfall on Instagram.

“My Angel is now a teen,” he said in a letter to commemorate the momentous but painful oxanprime occasion.

He wrote, “Happiest of birthdays, dear little girl.” “Everything I do is for you, and I will love and protect you for the rest of my life.”

Many of Ethan’s co-stars, friends, and fans went to the comments section to express their birthday greetings, with many gushing about the adorable couple.

Georgie Parker wished Ethan a happy Father’s Day and a happy birthday to his beautiful daughter.

“This is just stunning!! Happy Father’s Day and a happy birthday to your lovely daughter!! “a person said.

“Awww this is wonderful.. love it so much!” said another.

With Aaylah reportedly residing in New Zealand and Ethan working on the Home And Away set in Australia, the actor recently expressed his appreciation for finally being able to spend Christmas with his daughter.

Doting father Ethan was seen in the video catching the young adolescent off guard before sharing a tender embrace.

“After over a year apart, I’m surprising my daughter. Ethan captioned the photo, “A moment I’ve imagined and fantasised about for so long.”

“I can’t express how difficult this stretch has been. It’s both indescribable and unfathomable. COVID has robbed us of our freedom to travel and be physically present with our loved ones.”

The young father, who portrays Tane Parata on the hit Australian drama, frequently posts lovely photos of himself and his “little me,” and it’s clear that he adores his daughter.

After becoming a father at the age of 16, Ethan welcomed Aaylah into his life when he was only a few years older than she is today.

It was a “major turning moment” in his life, according to his NIDA biography, as he switched his attention away from his personal goals and opted to pursue a career in civil engineering in order to provide for his daughter.

Years later, he chose to reignite his ambition of becoming an actor, which led to his casting in the 2019 season of Home and Away.


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