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Cameron Daddo and his kids are the definition of family goals in these touching photos through the years

When it comes to showbiz families, the Daddo brothers are the most well-known.

Cameron, Andrew, and Lockie have been gracing our screens and airwaves for decades, appearing in a variety of shows and being regarded as the quintessential 90s heartthrobs.

Cameron Daddo, the eldest brother, has lately had a renaissance as a result of his appearance on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

After a stay on Home And Away as Evan Slater, he gained a whole new generation of Australian admirers, with many discovering the fascinating storey behind his marriage to supermodel Alison Brahe.

The pair, who have been married for 29 years, live happily in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with their three children, Lotus, 25, and Bodhi, 15, and son River, 21.

And after taking a look at Cameron’s Instagram account, we have to say, we want to be a Daddo kid!

The proud father enjoys spending time with his children and isn’t ashamed to flaunt his shaky dance talents while making a TikTok video with them.

“As far as work goes for me, if something conflicts with a family event like a birthday or a graduation, I’ve always been clear with producers about what dates I need out so I can be present,” Daddo said of balancing his business and his children to WHO.

“Sometimes I have to be away on site, and it’s difficult for everyone,” he continued, “but we just try our best to be present when we can’t be [physically] present – so if you’re on the phone, you’re available to them, even if you can’t be there physically.”

After 25 years of living overseas, the Daddo family moved from Los Angeles to Australia in 2017, and Cameron believes his children handled the transition gracefully.

He told Medium at the time, “We are quite pleased of our kids and how they have handled the challenging transition of transitioning to a new nation without their friends or customary comforts.”

Continue scrolling to explore photos of the Daddo family’s most memorable moments.

Greetings on your (early) birthday! As they brought their father out for “pre-birthday” celebrations, Cameron’s daughters smiled for the camera. The shot was captioned by him as follows: “I’m extremely thankful for these people. We’ve been in each other’s pockets for a couple of years now, and they continue to surprise me with their love and laughter.”

On this particular occasion, Cameron also snuggled close to his adult son.

Cameron assembled the entire Daddo clan for a viewing party to commemorate his stint on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

Another throwback with the family, this time with a few amusing props and, of course, the family dog.

“You welcomed our kids into your wonderful world @alidaddo… what a special mum you are!” the actor wrote, paying tribute to his wife.

Outside River’s secondary school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Cameron and River pose.

Cameron previously shared this sweet photo of his son as a child – check out that grin!

The entire gang has arrived! A family dinner is unrivalled.

River, Lotus, Cameron, and Alison walk the red carpet during a film premiere in Los Angeles in 2003.

The attractive TV host and successful model Alison were the picture-perfect couple, and the public was ecstatic when they married in 1991, reaffirming their love and dedication to one another.

Have you ever seen a more genetically fortunate family?

Alison previously claimed of her marriage to Cameron, “We’ve lived in numerous countries, we’ve had kids, we’ve been split, and we’ve been bankrupt,” adding that she and her spouse have also undergone hours of marriage counselling.

Fish and chips in the sun, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Last December, Cameron, Alison, and the kids flew to New Zealand for a family vacation.

“As far as work goes for me, if something comes up that conflicts with a family event like a birthday or a graduation, I’ve always been straightforward with producers about what dates I need out so I can be present,” Cameron said of prioritising his family over his business.

“I burst through the front door a few months after marrying this beauty and informed her that we were heading to Hollywood… I forgot to ask her what she thought about it #oops. We took this photo in the Palm Springs desert a year later “Cameron made the announcement alongside this lovely vintage photo.

“Like his father, he is like his son! We’re surrounded by confusion and uncertainty, but one thing is certain, my baby… it’s your birthday, and your father adores you.” Aww, Cameron’s birthday tribute to River is so sweet.

Bodhi, Cameron’s kid, is a “curious powerhouse of creation and love,” according to Cameron.

His most important function is as a father!


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