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Drunken antics, goodbyes and mysterious figures: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

This week on Home and Away, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is eager to take her relationship with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to the next level, but her emotions are thrown into disarray when she learns that her stepdaughter is leaving the Bay for London. Cash arrives at Salt after being robbed at work to find his girlfriend and sister very inebriated. He’s taken aback by Jasmine’s attire – and her behaviour, as she makes some risqué recommendations that he doesn’t like…

Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is followed to her vehicle after work by a mystery dark figure, and when she tells Tane (Ethan Browne) about it the next day, he goes into overdrive with his suspicions. In front of a mob of stunned witnesses, he rushes to Felicity and pours his rage on her…

Meanwhile, Chloe (Sam Barrett) is caught between Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo (Matt Evans), while Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew expresses his feelings for Ryder’s girlfriend. Ryder tells Theo to get lost after crashing the couple’s morning stroll, startling Chloe and forcing her to side with a smug Theo. Is Ryder on the verge of giving up?

Here’s what’s on Home and Away this week, starting Monday, November 8.

Cash is taken aback by Jasmine’s sultry attire and inebriated behaviour

When Jasmine learns that her stepdaughter will be leaving the Bay and heading to London with Tori and Christian, she reacts in a way that Irene does not expect: she is calm. When Cash asks her away for a romantic weekend, she quickly accepts and suggests that they go right away. When Cash is held up at work, Jasmine spends the night drinking excessively in Salt with Felicity. When Cash finally arrives, he is taken aback not only by her provocative dress, but also by her suggestion that they go down to the lonely beach for a romantic night together…

Tori and Christian bid the Bay farewell

As the last details for their last-minute wedding come into place, resident physicians Tori and Christian are prepared for their final hours in the Bay. With their closest friends and family witnessing them tie the knot in the backyard, the wedding is private and poignant. Jasmine and Justin are left wondering their futures without Grace as she is loaded into the van and the newlyweds say their last goodbyes…

Bella notices Nikau with two females, and her fears increase once more

Bella is making an effort to move on from Nikau’s infidelity scandal with Sienna and the automobile accident that put his life in jeopardy, with one good step being that the two have reconciled.

When Dean recovers from the accident, try to keep Dean’s board business viable Two females who recognise Nikau from social media approach him for a photo while he cleans off the boards for a surf class. Bella’s anxiety and sadness return when she watches her fiancé posing with the fangirls…

Mackenzie is trailed by a mysterious shadowy figure in the dark

When Felicity discovers Tane and Mackenzie together on the beach, she warns Mackenzie about the Parata brother. Mackenzie, on the other hand, is more familiar with Tane and pays little attention to the newcomer. Mackenzie and Tane later see Felicity arriving in Salt, and Mack quickly kicks her out. Mack senses someone following her in the dark as she walks to her car later that night — is it Felicity?

Tane and Felicity engage in a public brawl at the Surf Club

Tane’s rage flares when Mackenzie tells him she felt someone following her home the night before, and he chases Felicity down within the Surf Club. Tane begins hurling allegations at her, much to her surprise, in a public brawl that stuns spectators. Alf jumps in and leads Tane away to give him a lesson in how to talk to women, while Felicity is stunned, terrified, and in tears…

Dean asks Ziggy about her breakup with Tane, but she dodges the topic

During a physio appointment, Ziggy struggles to see Dean in agony as he recovers from the automobile accident. Dean continues to express what has been on his mind since moving in with her that evening – has she had enough time to absorb the split with Tane, and would she have moved him in if he hadn’t been in the crash? Ziggy avoids the questions by going to speak with Mackenzie about it, eventually deciding that she’ll have to return home and give Dean the one answer he doesn’t want to hear…

Is this it for Logan and Mackenzie now that his work is relocating down the coast?

Mackenzie and Logan’s blossoming relationship is finally on track after some back and forth. Logan, on the other hand, receives a phone call that makes him doubt their future together: his unit is relocating down the coast, and he has no option but to relocate. He asks Mackenzie out for a drink and tells the news to her, with Mack recognising that her partner is leaving the Bay shortly and that her new romance might collapse just as fast as it began…

After her boyfriend’s dramatic outburst, Chloe departs Ryder for Theo

Ryder has had his reservations about newcomer Theo, especially since he has made it plain that he is smitten with his girlfriend. Chloe, on the other hand, appears to be unaware of Theo’s actual affections for her and only sees Ryder’s animosity for Leah’s nephew.

Ryder is told by her to be kind to Theo, but when Theo interrupts their morning together, Ryder snaps and orders him to go away. Ryder’s behaviour has shocked Chloe, and she urges him to go home, leaving him to watch as she walks away with Theo…


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