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Farewell to the Bay! Newlyweds Tori and Christian start the next chapter of their lives


Everything excellent has to come to an end. Tori and Christian said their goodbyes to their loved ones on Home And Away this week, following their lovely outdoor wedding.

As newlyweds Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) and baby Grace prepare to start their new life together in London, where Tori has taken a position as a doctor, viewers will undoubtedly grab for Kleenex.

Tori, Grace, and Christian believe this is the best thing for them,” Penny, 38, said of Tori’s choice to leave Summer Bay.

“She’s ecstatic to be embarking on this new chapter of her life with her tiny family in the United Kingdom. She will, however, miss her friends and family in the Bay!”

Jasmine (Sam Frost) meets Tori in a quiet time after they tie the knot, and the two friends share their joy.

Tori is ecstatic about Jasmine’s new journey in the UK with Christian and Grace, and Jasmine is ecstatic about Tori’s developing romance with handsome officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

As Tori and Christian say their final goodbyes to their wedding guests and Summer Bay, Grace is placed into the automobile. Christian expresses gratitude to Justin (James Stewart) for escorting Tori down the aisle, and Justin requests that Christian look after his sister and niece.

“Justin was rocked when it eventually dawned on him that his sister and closest friend were leaving,” James, 45, tells TV WEEK.

“One of his most important foundations has been disappearing over the past 20 or 30 years. He was aware that this day would come, but he had not anticipated it. That, in my opinion, reveals a great deal about Justin and Tori’s relationship. They have never been apart in their entire lives.”

The joyful newlyweds drive off into the sunset as a family after Tori tosses her bouquet, which Cash catches and presents to Jasmine.

“For the past five and a half years, the Bay has been Tori’s home, her safe harbour,” Penny explains.

“A piece of her heart will never leave her.


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