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Former Home and Away star Dan Ewing reveals whether he’d return again

Dan Ewing, who portrayed Heath Braxton in the Australian serial, has spoken out about his desire to return to Summer Bay.

In 2007, the actor first appeared on the programme in a supporting role as Reuben Humphries, before returning in 2011 to play the hot-tempered Heath Braxton.

He left the programme in 2014 to pursue other projects, but he returned in 2016 for two seasons to resume his part.

When asked whether there was a chance he’d return, he said Now to Love, “I’m a stickler for narratives.” “For me, it’s not about the ratings.

“Obviously, I’m doing things that take a lot of time right now. Would I scoff at it [returning to H&A] because it’s at the bottom of the rung? No.”

“I believe what they’re doing right now is incredible,” he continued. “A trained eye will notice that they’ve upgraded all of their cameras and invested a significant amount of money on production value.”

Ewing also came back to support the Paratas earlier this year when they were being blackmailed by thugs Paul and Leon.

When asked about his brief cameo, the actor said that executive producer Lucy Addario had a dream that inspired him to do it.

“She’s had a strange revelation about me,” he explained. “They contacted me, and I happened to be in Sydney, so I drove 20 minutes from my house, then went to the Home and Away car park and had a fight with a few friends. It was very amazing.”

While Ewing wouldn’t say whether Heath’s return to the show is a possibility, he did say he had nothing but fond memories of his time on the show.

“People strive to leave Home and Away in their wake,” he observed, “but I relish it.” “I find it amusing when people refuse to discuss it! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Everyone on there is fantastic.”


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