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From a doe-eyed ingénue on Home and Away to a lead blonde bombshell: Samara Weaving’s beauty transformation over the years

When Samara Weaving appeared on the show Out Of The Blue in 2018, she smoothly woven her way into Australia’s entertainment sector.

When she secured the character of Indigo “Indi” Walker on Home and Away, however, her name shot to the top of the Australian acting scene.

Her fans were fascinated by her doe eyes and characteristic blonde curls as she lighted up situations with her ability and pin-up beauty.

While kids throughout the country taped their favourite Home and Away actor’s images to their walls and showed her haircut to hairdressers to recreate her appearance, Samara set her sights on Hollywood, and she departed Summer Bay in 2013 to pursue her dreams.

As she rose through the ranks of the horror industry, the 29-year-old has been something of an underdog in Hollywood.

In 2015, she was cast in the first season of Ash versus Evil as a recurring character. She played Charlie Puth’s love interest in his song video Attention and in the 2017 film The Babysitter.

But in 2021, she really hit her stride when she nailed her part as Jessica on Nine Perfect Strangers.

Samara had to experiment with prosthetics in order to get her character’s cosmetic surgery look, which included adjusting her nose to point upwards and lifting her cheekbones to reach sky-high levels.

In real life, Hugo Weaving’s daughter is still a natural beauty who loves her outstanding characteristics, and while she has maintained her signature look, she has experimented with various tints and lengths over the years.

The Guns Akimbo actor may be a blonde bombshell, but her unique facial structure makes her stand out. She’s only evolved as she’s grown older, and we’ve charted her progression from Home and Away to Nine Perfect Strangers below.

During her time on Home and Away with Luke Mitchell, Samara was baby-faced and groomed organically.

In 2010, she wore beachy waves and a light tan at the Royal Melbourne Show to sign autographs. Her signature pout was years ahead of the current cosmetic craze, and it’s entirely natural.

For Snoop Dogg and Nelly’s concert in Sydney in 2011, she adopted the fashionable duck lips stance.

Samara wore her signature beach waves in a loose up-do in 2012, and while she loves her hair down, we love it when she mixes it up because we get a better view of her stunning face.

A chopping block! Samara has finally altered up her image by cutting her long locks, and she now resembles a beachy Debby Harry. In 2013, she debuted this new look at Sydney Fashion Week.

Samara wore her hair in this 1950s-inspired haircut for the premiere of Mystery Road in 2013 to highlight her purple eyeshadow.

The star ultimately changed her hair colour to an auburn tint after years of golden blonde hair. She flaunted her billowing curls at the 2016 Vulture Awards Season Party, and we thought she looked stunning in this bold colour.

In 2017, she went back to her natural golden blonde colour and her favourite windswept look.

She doesn’t frequently let go of her hair, but when she does, it’s chef’s kiss gorgeous!

She arrived at the 2018 SAG Awards with her hair brushed back from her face to show off her exquisite smokey eye and nude lips.

Samara usually smudges her darker roots into her golden blonde hair, but at Paris Week in 2020, she went for a one-tone look, which was a bold move in the balayage era.

There’s a fringe! Samara tossed away her style norms for Paris Fashion Week in 2021, opting for a bronde colour and lengthy fringe.

Of course, Samara no longer resembles her Nine Perfect Strangers role, but it was a stunning metamorphosis, and we’d be negligent if we didn’t mention it.


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