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Grave danger: Which Home and Away character is buried alive in the explosive finale?

An empty casket lays open in a lonely forest near Summer Bay. It’s been buried deep in the ground, far from the bustling seaside town, but who is it for?

Several lives are on the line in this week’s episode of Home And Away, and someone will draw their dying breath.

Matthew (James Sweeny) has made it his mission to abduct his daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) from his ex, Mia, since his surprise arrival (Anna Sampson).

And, after weeks of portraying the adoring father, his deception may finally pay off.

Matthew presents Chloe with an application for a top business college in his latest attempt to persuade her to leave Summer Bay. He proposes to fund her education and to provide her with a place to live in the city.

Chloe is overjoyed — it’s everything she’s ever desired! She rushes home to share the good news with Mia and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but is taken aback when her mother loses her cool.

Why can’t she simply be pleased for herself?

Mia begs her not to leave, but Chloe has no idea why. Chloe is the victim of a sexual assault, but she has no idea her mother is holding such a terrible secret from her.

Ari worries that notifying Chloe will permanently remove Matthew from their lives.

“Ari respects Mia’s decision not to inform Chloe about what occurred with Matthew,” Rob tells TV WEEK, “but he also wants to safeguard her from making decisions that might jeopardise her health.”

Chloe accepts her father’s offer the next day, leaving Mia distraught as she watches her daughter get ready to go.

She tells the truth because she knows it’s now or never. Chloe is startled, but she eventually comprehends her mother’s sentiments.

Chloe refuses her father’s calls the next day, still reeling from the news. Matthew, on the other hand, will not be ignored and will arrive demanding answers.

An altercation develops as Chloe tells him to leave their life for good. Mia hears the ruckus and rushes out to see the two involved in a furious brawl.

Matthew takes Mia by the throat and accuses her of lying. It’s past time to put an end to her deception…

Meanwhile, Chloe asks for assistance. Ari may be reached by phone.

“Ari has a habit of acting first and thinking afterwards,” Rob explains. “He’ll go to any length to protect them, and he feels Matthew is dangerous and unpredictable.”

Will Ari be able to arrive in time to save the people he cares about?


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