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Home and Away actor Tai Hara is left ‘devastated’ as his Northern Rivers family home floods: ‘Feeling useless’

Tai Hara has been left ‘devastated’ after learning that his family home has been flooded and destroyed in Queensland and New South Wales.

The 31-year-old Home and Away star, who lives in Sydney with his wife and daughter, stated that his parents’ home in Ballina, NSW, where he was up, had been flooded.

He began by saying, “I am devastated for my family and the Northern Rivers community.”

‘It’s so upsetting to see our family home flooded.’ It’s been impossible to reach our parents because we don’t have access to clean water, food, or electricity.’

‘Feeling so useless here in Sydney,’ he continued. All we can do is help organisations that are there in the middle of it and are offering critical assistance.

He then encouraged his followers to do the same if they were able.

‘Your gift will enable teams on the ground to deliver immediate relief, including allowing volunteers and staff to assist with evacuations, relief centres, and outreach services, as well as assisting people and communities in their recovery and rebuilding efforts,’ he added.

Tai portrayed bad guy Andy Barrett in the soap from 2013 till 2016, when his character went on the run.

Tai Irvine and his wife Fely Irvine, together with their one-year-old daughter Chi, now reside in the Harbour City.

Ballina, which had received 423mm of rain in the previous seven days as of Thursday, is still cut off by flash floods when the Richmond River breached its banks.

Ballina’s mayor, Sharon Cadwallader, described the flood as a “once-in-a-1000-year” event, with 6,000 of the region’s 20,000 dwellings being flooded.

Nearby Lismore has been one of the hardest impacted towns in eastern Australia’s flood emergency, which has resulted in 12 deaths and dozens of communities swamped by floodwaters.


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