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Home and Away airs huge Ryder Jackson cliffhanger in season finale

In the 2021 season finale of Home and Away, Ryder Jackson’s destiny remains unknown.

In Australia’s penultimate episode of the year, which aired on Channel 7 on Thursday, show creators previewed a terrifying journey for Ryder (November 25).

After his latest video challenge with Theo Poulos went terribly wrong, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) was stuck underground in a coffin in a frightening trailer for the finale.


The complete circumstances of the tale were disclosed when the show eventually aired on Thursday, although fans were left guessing about the ending.

Ryder and Theo (Matt Evans) have been collaborating on recorded challenges and pranks for the previous few weeks, which they have shared online and monetized with advertising.

Faced with mounting pressure to keep escalating the stakes, Ryder volunteered to be buried alive and broadcast the challenge live on the internet.

Ryder promised to spend five hours in a buried casket if Theo stayed close by in case anything went wrong.

Theo, predictably, had other plans and strolled away from the burial location, which was in the middle of some bushland. He went to the Diner for lunch and also spent some time with Chloe Anderson, who was distraught over her father’s dark background.

When Theo ultimately made his way back to Ryder, he slipped and was knocked out.

While on the phone with Theo, Ryder heard the accident and was terrified to learn that he would potentially be trapped beneath.

Will Theo recover consciousness, or will Ryder be able to use his phone to raise the alarm? Could one of the duo’s internet fans assist in spreading the news about Ryder’s plight? When Home and Away returns in 2022, all will be revealed.



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