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Home and Away brings back another character for Dean Thompson storyline


Jai Simmons, Dean Thompson’s son, has returned to Home and Away for another guest appearance.

In Tuesday’s programme on Channel 7 in Australia, River Jarvis repeated his role as Jai, which featured touching passages for the youngster’s grandma Karen (Georgia Adamson).

Karen returned to Summer Bay in recent episodes in Australia to reassure Dean (Patrick O’Connor) that she is fine after going gone for a short time.

Karen’s arrival made Dean anxious at first because he hadn’t notified her of Jai’s existence. Karen pressed his hand when she discovered an image of Jai that he’d tried to hide.

Karen struggled after Dean’s explanation about why he didn’t tell her about his son in the most recent episode of Home and Away.

Amber, Jai’s mother, has made it obvious that she does not want Karen to have any involvement with the child. Amber imposed this stringent requirement several months ago since she doesn’t trust Karen after her turbulent history.

Because Dean felt sorry for Karen and believed she deserved a second chance, he took matters into his own hands and arranged for Jai to visit the Bay.

Dean let Karen watch from afar while he played with Jai on the beach — it was the first time she’d met her grandchild in person.

He soon took it a step further by allowing Karen to participate. Rather than reveal her true identity, she disguised herself as John Palmer’s (Shane Withington) girlfriend.

Later, Dean told Karen that his life is going well and that she should start organising hers instead.

Finding out why Karen is so apprehensive about her new boyfriend Brett proposing to her was at the top of Dean’s priority list.

“What’s wrong with him?” Dean questioned. He obviously cares about you, and I can see he’s getting under your skin.

“What are you escaping from if this guy makes you so happy?”

In March, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5.


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