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Home and Away fans are shocked to discover a bizarre secret about Summer Bay in a rare behind-the-scenes video: ‘This feels illegal to see’

Luke Van Os, a newbie to the long-running Australian soap, startled fans this week when he disclosed a truth about the residences in Summer Bay.

During his first day on the job, the 25-year-old actor, who is Liam and Chris Hemsworth’s cousin, posted a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok.

The tape revealed that the scenario being recorded in Irene Roberts’ kitchen was actually a purpose-built set, not an actual residence.

Many viewers were startled to learn that Irene’s iconic kitchen was a typical set rather than a room in a real house in Palm Beach, Sydney, where the show is filmed.

Luke, who plays Xander Delaney, a relative of leaving character Jasmine Delaney, wrote, “My first day on set of Home and Away” (Sam Frost).

‘First scene with Irene, then Jasmine and Cash,’ he continued. ‘This is the best job I’ve ever had.’

Luke and Irene co-star Lynne McGranger are seen on set of the Roberts property, which features a kitchen, lounge, and stairway leading to a non-existent upper level, in the video.

Cameras and lighting setups were also suspended from the ceiling.

After years of viewing the soap under the belief that it was a genuine house, many felt the behind-the-scenes footage had ‘ruined their childhood.’

‘So you’re saying this isn’t a real house?’ a supporter remarked

‘It wasn’t my entire childhood being a lie,’ wrote another.

‘Wait, the houses aren’t real?’ commented the official account of Home and Away alongside the video.

‘This feels criminal to watch, yet not at the same time,’ one fan added.

‘Is the beach recorded inside, too?!’ joked another.

It comes after Luke revealed on Wednesday the advice offered to him by his Thor star cousin Chris Hemsworth after he was cast on Home and Away.

The Daily Telegraph quoted Luke as saying. Chris had advised him to control his nerves.

“‘ ‘ “Just stay cool and enjoy it. Know that nerves will never go away; the key is to become comfortable with them rather than fearful of them “‘Luke stated.

‘Liam and Luke [Chris Hemsworth’s brothers] have also been a wonderful support,’ he continued. This profession is so complicated and difficult to navigate, so having any kind of reliable guidance from someone who has gone through it is a huge help.’

Luke is linked to the Hemsworths because his father Robert is their mother Leonie’s brother.

In October, the up-and-coming actor revealed that he will be joining Home and Away, the same show in which Chris appeared as Kim Hyde from 2004 to 2007.

He wrote on Instagram at the time, “I’m so pleased to finally announce that I will be joining the Home and Away crew.”


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