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Home and Away fans surprised after noticing hidden detail during episode of the Channel Seven soap: ‘That’s very interesting’

Observant viewers of the Channel Seven programme Home and Away have spotted a secret detail in an earlier episode.

An image from the 2018 wedding of Brodie Morgan (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) was posted on Facebook by one viewer.

The viewer pointed out that background extra Kirsty Marillier, who currently plays Rose Delaney on the programme, was visible.


“I had no idea Rose had previously appeared in Home and Away!” Have I been obliviously ignorant? They composed.

The discovery astonished other viewers as well, as seen by one comment that stated: “Well that was a while ago and we wouldn’t have recognised who she was.”

Another person remarked, “Very fascinating, wouldn’t have recognised her then, she must’ve been an extra, nice on her.”

One user said, “Lovely, nice on her for getting a full contract.”

It follows the tragic season finale of Home and Away from last month, which included a heartbreaking twist and left viewers craving more.

Following the series finale, Seven declared that it had “hand-picked” the best episodes, including the 1988 premiere, and made them available to viewers on 7Plus.

The network announced in a statement, “You can get your Home and Away fix this summer and watch the most iconic episodes, starting right at the beginning with the 1988 pilot!”

“We have hand-selected the most unforgettable episodes, including births, deaths, weddings, and tragedies, like the epic bus crash in 2002 and the great storm of 2011,” the website claims.


Fans of the soap opera can also relive some of the most memorable plotlines, such as the surprise wedding of Travis and Rebecca, Kelly Watson’s departure, the birth of Harley Braxton, Alf Stewart’s proposal, and the nuptials of Billie and VJ.


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