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Home and Away lines up new job drama for Nikau Parata

After a stressful confrontation with troublemaker Theo Poulos, Nikau Parata of Home and Away will be fearful for his new employment.

In recent episodes on Channel 7 in Australia, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has begun working as a lifeguard on the beach.

Nikau is looking forward to a new beginning following a catastrophic period as a model, especially after putting in the effort to get qualified. However, Theo’s (Matt Evans) latest risky move threatens to derail his plans.

After his previous success teaming up with Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) for filming challenges and pranks, Theo was motivated to make another viral video for social media on Wednesday’s programme in Australia (November 17).

Ryder has sworn off working with Theo after he offended him by bragging about a secret kiss with Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett).

Theo was undeterred and resolved to go it alone, so he devised a scheme to interrupt Nikau’s first shift as a John Palmer employee (Shane Withington).

Nikau came to the rescue after Theo imagined he could see someone drowning in the sea. While Nikau was preoccupied, Theo took advantage of the chance to take the lifesavers’ Polaris vehicle on the beach.

Theo took the car for a joyride and documented the experience on social media. However, when Nikau informed John, who threatened to call the cops over the vehicle theft, he found himself in serious trouble.

Nikau was also sent home for the day by John, who seemed dissatisfied that he’d been so easily duped by Theo.

Nikau accuses Theo of jeopardising his employment in Thursday’s episodes (November 18) in Australia, and the two young men fight. This just makes matters worse for John, who is appalled that Nikau would engage in violence while wearing his lifesaver outfit.

Has Nikau already squandered his fresh start?

Fans of Home and Away in the UK will be able to view these scenes on Channel 5 early next year.


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