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Home and Away promo sees Tane’s stalker make a deadly move

Tane’s stalker plot takes a dramatic turn in a new Home and Away ad, as a mysterious intruder launches a chemical assault at Martha’s charity gala.

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Tane’s life has taken a turn for the worst ever since he and newcomer Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) hooked up after a night out.

There was definitely a spark between them at first, but Tane, knowing he wasn’t ready for another relationship, gently let her down when he realised she wasn’t seeking for a casual hookup.

Tane began to get foreboding deliveries of single red roses – first on his porch, then affixed to his car – about the same time Felicity seemed to reluctantly accept his choice.

Felicity seems to be following him around everywhere he went. That’s to be expected in a tiny town like Summer Bay, but it didn’t take long for him to suspect that his casual lover was haunting him. Even Felicity’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) originally believed Tane was correct – he knows his sister and knows how she deals with rejection, so this isn’t completely out of character for her.

Recent episodes have brought everything to a climax, with Tane and Felicity each feeling that the other will not leave them alone.

Tane was obliged to travel to Felicity’s club to pick up an intoxicated Ryder in Thursday’s triple bill of episodes, and things almost came to blows when they met in the bay the next morning. Roo’s (Georgie Parker) task has been to take Felicity under her wing and convince her that Summer Bay isn’t as awful as her first impressions suggest.

Despite Felicity’s assurances that she isn’t Tane’s stalker and her best efforts to avoid the younger Parata sibling, it doesn’t appear like things are about to calm down.

The mystery stalker takes a daring move, according to a new trailer, and everything will reach a crescendo next week, with lives in risk.

Martha (Belinda Giblin) and the Stewart family had been planning for Martha’s large charity fundraiser, which will benefit mental health concerns, for weeks. They’re hosting a gala dinner at Salt, and with all of the tables sold, it appears like the night will be a smash hit.

Until tragedy hits, that is.

“He thinks I’m stalking him,” Felicity tells Roo in the teaser, which begins with scenes from the previous several weeks.

Then there was the lone red rose Tane discovered on his vehicle.

Felicity strongly denies having anything to do with anything, saying, “It wasn’t me.”

“I don’t feel secure being on my own,” Felicity tells her brother in new scenes from next week’s episodes. I’m done with it.”

Cash meets Tane at the gym and offers him an interim AVO in a surprise Tane didn’t see coming (Apprehended Violence Order). “You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” he says, as predicted.

Soon after, he yells, “She’s the maniac,” pointing angrily at a stunned Felicity as Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) attempts to hold him back.

Then, when Martha’s fundraiser at Salt gets underway, the real drama begins.

With a yellow canister full of a mystery substance, a person clad in black boots and slim black pants enters a back area of the building.

There’s a spray hose attached to the end, and when she twists the knob, the liquid starts pouring out forcefully.

The guests in Salt cheer and applaud as more money is gathered for the worthy cause, completely unaware that a poisonous gas is being discharged above them. The caption over the advertisement reads, “A night that’s about to become fatal,” as the gas begins to flood the room via the air conditioner vent.

Cash appears to be on his way to saving the day. The following picture shows him standing on a chair, gazing up at the air conditioning vent, as if he’s smelled something unusual or begun to feel light-headed and realised something is amiss.

A picture of Felicity informing a man that “he’s getting what he deserves” is sandwiched between the drama.

Surely she wouldn’t exact her vengeance on Tane by jeopardising the entire town of Summer Bay, as well as her own brother? Or maybe she didn’t realise the air conditioning vents for Summer Bay Fit and Salt were linked? Is it possible that her strategy went too far?

Tane, clothed in his gym outfit, begins to pass out from the effects of the gas in another picture.

He drops on the floor, gasping for air. We see him again later in the promo, asleep on the ground with another solitary red rose floating down on top of him.

Back at Salt, Martha seemed to be on the point of collapsing. However, Alf (Ray Meagher), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) appear to be unaware of this, as they gaze up at Cash when the Senior Constable tells everyone to keep away from the air conditioning vents.

“Everyone hunts for Martha,” according to spoilers for next Wednesday’s episode, and “Martha is in severe danger,” according to spoilers for Thursday’s episode. Is she heading to the restroom before she realises what’s going on, leaving her stranded inside as the rest of the building evacuates?

As the visitors cover their faces with masks as fireys descend upon Summer Bay, Cash summons a hazmat crew. Will they be able to locate everyone in time?

Logan (Harley Bonner) is likewise terrified outdoors, worrying about his love and Salt’s owner, Mackenzie.

“How could something like this happen?” a worried Jasmine wonders (Sam Frost).

Cash responds, “I’m not sure.” “But that couldn’t have happened by chance.”

Some fans believe that new guest character Anne Sherman, the club’s barmaid who spent the evening caring for Ryder and Chloe, is to blame for the recent occurrences.

Megan Smart portrayed her on Thursday’s triple-bill as the club’s VIP area manager, where the gang was celebrating Ryder’s 21st birthday.

She was also seen in photos on the show’s Instagram account, which is rare for a one-episode guest star.

From her @megan__smart account , Anna also commented on the show’s Instagram post, saying, “Get ready!!!” ANNE IS ON HER WAY TO THE BAY.”

Jacqui Purvis (Felicity) shared a photo of herself, Megan Smart, and Matt Evans (Theo) with their arms around each other on Instagram. The attention on her leads us to believe she’ll return in future episodes – could it be that she noticed Tane in the bar when he first met Felicity, and has been stalking him ever since?

In any case, the return of Home and Away to Australian televisions on Monday promises to be a spectacular week.

These episodes will air in the UK in late November.


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