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Home and Away promo shows dramatic 2021 Season Final Week

A new Home and Away trailer has given us our first glimpse of what to expect in the 2021 Season Final, and fans will be on the edge of their seats as a Summer Bay favourite is buried alive.

There are only two weeks and 14 episodes left till the 2021 season finale of Home and Away. Fans will be treated to a bumper amount of episodes as the drama approaches its pinnacle, with the last Australian episodes of the year airing in triple bills on both Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th November.

Now, a brand new teaser gives us a closer look at the tales that will make up the last two weeks of Summer Bay action in 2021. The programme will subsequently have a two-month hiatus in Australia before returning in late January or early February 2022.

Continue reading to see the intriguing video in its entirety, or continue reading to learn all the trailer reveals about the tense last weeks of Home and Away.

Ari makes a proposal to Mia

The commercial begins with a stunning diamond ring.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) begins, “Getting a second opportunity with you.” “It’s far more than I ever imagined I deserved.”

He drops down on one knee in the Paratas’ yard, surrounded by Chloe (Sam Barrett), Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), and Theo (Ethan Browne), and continues with the all-important question.

“So, will you marry me?” I inquire.

As he pops the question, Mia’s (Anna Samson) face goes through a whole spectrum of emotions.

But all we want to know is what she’ll say after a difficult year that has seen them go through a terrible loss, purchase a gym, launder hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cope with Chloe’s father’s surprise presence in Summer Bay.

For the Paratas, it’s not all good news; they’re still dealing with…

Father’s Obsessiveness

Matthew (James Sweeny) has only been in the Bay for two weeks, but he has already made an indelible impression on the Parata family.

Chloe has finally seen her father after a 20-year absence, but she has no understanding why Mia does not want her to get to know him.

In the new ad, Matthew informs Ari, “She is my daughter, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

He appears to be adamant about staying, but Ari understands what Mia must do if she is to prevent her daughter from connecting with a guy she despises. “You have no choice but to tell Chloe the truth.”

Matthew’s quest to keep Chloe in his life takes a dramatic turn in the last week, as we discussed in our previous Season Final post here, and it appears that someone will not make it to the summer vacation alive.

The Road Trip

“I’m getting out of here.”

In a brief clip from the new teaser, Felicity makes a huge surprise to Tane.

His fast answer is, “I’ll come with you.” Following claims of staking and a kidnapping episode only a few weeks ago, the two are in a wonderful position, and it appears like they’re planning a trip away as they continue to bond.

As he cuts wood with an axe, Felicity says to her boyfriend, “It doesn’t require a fire to feel hot around here.”

They’re alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but firewood to keep them warm.

Is this a romantic holiday or a tragedy waiting to happen?

The Present

Since the gas attack at Salt, which left several Summer Bay residents hospitalised, Martha (Belinda Giblin) has been in a city hospital. She’s finally discovered the solution to her prayers.

“I’m a perfect fit.” It’s exactly what we’ve been hoping for.”

Roo (Georgie Parker) is a match for a kidney and agrees to donate one to Martha, her mother, whom she had no clue was still alive until a few years ago.

“What did I do to earn your favour?” Martha inquires about her daughter.

Is this the end of Martha’s health problems for good?

Will the transplant proceed as planned, as shown in the trailer, with Alf making an emotional journey to church?

The Out-of-Control Spectacle

And now, in the closing minutes of Home and Away for 2021, there will be a spectacular stunt that will put a life on the risk.

When Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), Leo’s nephew, arrived in Summer Bay in early September, it was evident that Leah and Justin would have their hands full.

After finding that Theo had been defrauding consumers at his auto dealership, his father Dimitri, Leah’s brother, had booted him out, and Dimitri no longer had anything to do with him.

When Theo returned bloodied and wounded one day, just as Tori was in the middle of an important video interview, Justin was concerned for his and Leah’s safety. While Theo claimed he had been carjacked, Justin thought there was more to it, and he finally learned that some of the guys Theo had conned had returned the favour.

While Justin was initially frightened for his and Leah’s safety, fearing that the guys might return, it seems that one beating was enough to wipe the slate. Theo quickly adjusted to life in the bay, forging odd friendships with Chloe (Sam Barrett) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich). Despite his role in the marriage’s breakup, Theo and the newly separated couple managed to build a relationship, fueled by Theo’s money-making schemes.

When all, Ryder and Chloe were in desperate need of cash after their food truck exploded, leaving them thousands of dollars in debt. So they leaped at Theo’s suggestion that they start uploading online pranks to the internet in the hopes of earning some of that delicious advertising income if the films went popular.

Things started off reasonably mildly – Ryder spent hours sitting over a toilet after he and Theo battled to see how many ghost peppers they could consume in their first task – but it seemed obvious that the tests would become increasingly harder as the weeks progressed.

The couple recently took over Summer Bay Caravan Park, where they walked on hot coals in front of travellers and some of their internet admirers.

But, if they truly want it to take off, they’ll have to do something major.

The latest task, according to the new Season Final ad, is for Ryder to be buried alive. The two have excavated a hole in the ground and set a huge rectangular wooden box in it, which Ryder will sleep in.

“This is the most incredible task we’ve ever faced!”

Ryder appears to be in for a chilly, dark, and uncomfortable night, armed only with a torch, the most basic of supplies, and a phone to record his responses… But it’ll all be worth it if it means he can finally pay off his obligation to La Cucaracha.

However, calamity is on the way! Will Ryder be trapped beneath for longer than one night?

Viewers are given to a peek of an agitated Ryder on the phone with Theo as the advertisement progresses.

“If this is a joke, it isn’t funny,” Ryder exclaims, perplexed as to why he can’t reach his fellow prankster.

The following scene, on the other hand, depicts an unconscious Theo who has either stumbled or fallen out of a tree.

Will anybody be able to reach Ryder and Theo in time, with Ryder’s homemade coffin buried behind tonnes of soil and Theo unconscious?

Is that all there is to it?

Finally, the trailer depicts Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) driving across the countryside, trailed by a mysterious black automobile that looks to be Matthew’s.

Is it Matthew or someone else who is driving? What did he or she do to pique Cash’s interest?


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