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Home and Away resolves Stewart family feud in 10 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs in the week beginning Monday, April 4.

Friday, April 8:

Ryder is still on his own. Following weeks of friction with Alf, a frustrated Ryder eventually snapped and walked out recently. He’s currently staying in a caravan park in a free van.

Ryder is a considerate individual. He examines the heirloom compass that Alf presented to him on his 21st birthday. Is Ryder having second thoughts about the ongoing conflict with Alf?

Ryder is on his way to work. A shift at Salt beckons, but he’ll be greeted with a pleasant surprise just outside the door.

Ryder is being awaited by Roo and Alf. They beg him to speak with them, but Ryder refuses since he has to work. Roo and Alf refuse to give up, stating that they were already on their way to Salt. Ryder is sceptical because Roo and Alf don’t normally eat breakfast out.

When Roo and Alf leave, Ryder tries to take a break at Salt. On his way out, though, Roo and Alf attack Ryder.

Alf expresses his heartfelt regret. He admits that he was wrong to treat Ryder poorly recently and that he should begin treating him as an adult.

Ryder is taken aback. It’s unusual for Alf, who is known for his obstinacy, to apologise in this way.

Roo is optimistic that progress is being made. She’s attempting to mediate between Alf and Ryder.

Alf’s efforts are ultimately rewarded. Ryder confirms his acceptance of Alf’s apologies.

Ryder has Roo’s approval. The Stewart family’s conflict appears to be at an end.


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