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Home and Away reveals emotional promo for Roo and Martha story

A new trailer for Roo and Martha Stewart’s dramatic future storyline has been published by Home and Away.

Salt (which will run in the UK next week as the year’s finale) has already shown sequences of a poisonous gas assault that has left Martha in a poor state and in need of a kidney transplant. Her condition has been transferred to the Northern Districts Hospital, where specialists are searching for a suitable donor.

Roo discovers that she is a match, which means she can donate her kidney to save her mother’s life, as shown in the teaser trailer.

But, as determined as Roo is about going through with it, Martha is emphatic that she does not want her child to give up her kidney for her. Will they be able to reach a compromise, and what does Alf think about it all?

Fans in Australia, get your tears ready because these moments will show this week. These scenes will air in the United Kingdom a few weeks when the drama returns in early 2022.

Meanwhile, Lynne McGranger, who played Irene Roberts on the Australian soap, is releasing her autobiography, which will detail her many years on the show.

Although it won’t be “squeaky clean,” the actress has admitted that she made some changes to avoid upsetting fans.

“To be honest, if I had any risk of hurting someone’s feelings – or worse, getting sued – I would have altered their name,” McGranger said.

“I’ve changed names with some old connections, acquaintances, and individuals who may have came into my life and not left the best impression,” she continued. “If I was going to offend anyone, I wouldn’t have used their real name.”


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