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Home and Away reveals kidnap drama for Ryder in 24 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, November 15.

Tuesday, November 16:

Ryder’s 21st birthday celebrations are off to a rocky start. Theo has abducted Ryder and stuffed him into the boot of a car to bring him to the party — all in the name of keeping the party’s surprise.

Theo captures Ryder’s response on film. Ryder is unimpressed with what has occurred.

Ryder goes on a rage over Theo capturing him. The dispute is seen by Chloe and Nikau.

Chloe tries to justify Theo’s participation in the surprise party. Ryder, on the other hand, does not see the humour.

Chloe is dissatisfied. The party isn’t going over well after all of your hard work preparing it.

Theo is still buzzing. He makes no apologies for his attempted kidnapping.

Bella attempts to persuade Chloe to consider Ryder’s point of view. She informs out that they were all abducted for real only a few months ago.

At the gathering, Chloe’s focus shifts to something else. When Ryder continues to be rude to Theo, Chloe becomes irritated and decides to spend the evening with Theo instead.

Ryder is having a hard time dealing with the circumstances. He begins to consume alcoholic beverages.

Chloe has a bad night ahead of her. She has no regrets about throwing the party.

Ryder becomes increasingly inebriated. As they watch, Theo, Chloe, and Bella are anxious.

Ryder has consumed much too much alcohol. He begins to make a ruckus.

Tane shows up at the gathering. Ryder’s behaviour is spiralling out of hand, according to a report he got.

Felicity is irritated. Tane is now showing up at her workplace, and she can’t believe it.

Tane is confronted by Felicity. She urges him to leave, pointing out that he had previously chastised her for showing up at his place of business, the local gym.

Tane is adamant that he isn’t here for Felicity. Finally, he sees Ryder.

Tane attempts to get Ryder to come home with him. Tane’s intervention pleases Nikau.

Ryder had a fling with one of the hosts, Anne. Tane is disrespectful to Anne and drags Ryder away from her.

Friday, November 19:

Jai has returned to Summer Bay. Dean’s kid will be paying a visit, thanks to Ziggy’s efforts.

Dean is relieved to have Jai back in his life for a time. Ziggy thinks that Jai will motivate Dean to keep working on his recovery.

Ziggy keeps an eye on Dean and Jai while they spend time together. However, Jai is cold towards Ziggy, refusing to allow her into Dean’s life.

Ziggy doesn’t give up on Jai. She makes every effort to persuade him to change his mind.

Jai begins to warm up to Ziggy. He realises how important Ziggy is to his father.

Dean and Ziggy had a celebration. Things are finally starting to look up.


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