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Home and Away reveals kidnap ordeal for Tane and Felicity in 37 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, January 24.

Tuesday, January 25:

The truth is revealed concerning Felicity’s whereabouts. In an abandoned cabin, she’s being held captive.

Felicity is frightened. She’s been missing for a few days now.

Felicity’s kidnapper is a well-known figure. Her friend Anne has kidnapped her.

Anne is unforgiving. After Felicity discovered she was Tane’s stalker, she needed to silence her.

Anne executes the next stage of her strategy. Tane is drugged, and she persuades him to accompany her to the cabin.

Tane has been duped by Anne. Felicity was hiding off to clear her thoughts, she informed him.

Tane receives a rude awakening. Felicity is bound and gagged, he notices.

Tane is a force to be reckoned with. He’s already weak from the sedatives, and when Anne tasers him, he’s no match for her.

Anne is overjoyed that everything is going so nicely. Summer Bay’s two favourite characters are suddenly at her mercy.

Felicity is in a state of shock. Although it’s reassuring to meet a familiar face, Tane isn’t likely to be of much assistance.

Felicity has a sense of helplessness. Is there any possibility of escaping?

Tane is tethered by Anne. To prevent him from fleeing, she employs rope.

Tane is perplexed. Anne begins to describe the situation.

Tane has been concerned. He’s taken aback when he discovers Anne is his stalker.

Tane and Felicity are looking forward to Anne’s next move. They are preparing for the worst.

Anne gives us again another unpleasant surprise. She has more organophosphates on hand and intends to use them to kill her victims.

Theo is put through the wringer. Ryder concocts some revolting concoctions for him.

Theo sips his beverages. He’s eager to do well in the most recent online competition.

Theo receives a lot more than he expected. Ryder has bonded him to the stool with superglue.

Everything is being recorded by Chloe. Theo comes to a conclusion.

Theo opts for a front-row seat. In his undies, he parades around Salt.

Theo sees the lighter side of things. He tries to amuse the online audience.

Chloe is still filming. Theo makes her laugh.

Marilyn is likewise totally hooked. Theo’s antics provide a pleasant break from her current issues.

Theo declares himself the winner of the challenge. He wants credit for his quick response to Ryder’s trick.

Wednesday, January 26:

Cash and Ari are the first to arrive on the scene. As Anne used Felicity’s phone to send a message to Cash, he was able to hunt her down using his police resources.

Ari and Cash are ready to go on the offensive. They come in slowly.

Cash leaps over the barrier. To outsmart Anne, they’ll have to stay on their toes.

Cash and Ari are all set to enter. Will they be able to overcome Anne’s resistance and save Tane and Felicity?

Thursday, January 27:

Bella has a conversation with Mac. Mac is concerned about Bella’s condition.

Mac identifies a potential issue. Bella, she believes, is adrift in life with no apparent direction.

Bella and Nikau are looking forward to the future. Now that everything has returned to normal, they decide to look for work.

John has a brilliant idea. At the beach, he tries to persuade Nikau to become a lifeguard.

Dean is having a hard time. He’s been given the green light to drive again, but he’s wary of the topic.

Logan notices Dean doesn’t appear to be at ease. He tries to interrogate Dean in a non-obtrusive manner about this.

Dean isn’t quite ready to share his feelings. Logan’s questions are dismissed by him.

Ziggy is completely ignorant to everything that is going on. Is it only a matter of time before she discovers the truth?


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