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‘Home and Away’ spoilers: Cash Newman finds his romance with Jasmine DOOMED


Things keep getting in the way of Cash Newman’s (Nicholas Cartwright) and Jasmine Delaney’s (Sam Frost) relationship in Home and Away, and it’s starting to appear like it’s not meant to be.

Jasmine expected her date with Cash to be a catastrophe, but she ended up having a fantastic time and was looking forward to a second date with the gorgeous officer.

After that, Jasmine didn’t hear from him and assumed he’d turned cold on her, but it turned out he was just as interested in her as she was, and after clearing the air, they went for a drink at Salt, but just as they were about to kiss, Cash’s phone blew up with a slew of texts from someone named Felicity.

Although Jasmine first assumed Felicity was Cash’s girlfriend or wife, she soon realised she was his sister. With everything out of the way, Jasmine arrived at the police station for a lunch date with Cash, only to be interrupted by Felicity, who tried her hardest to humiliate her brother with embarrassing childhood tales.

But Jasmine is undeterred, and she meets Cash for their second date.

They both enjoy the candlelight meal, but Jasmine is taken aback when he refuses to discuss his parents.

However, it does not detract from the evening, and Cash proposes going for a stroll…

However, just as Jasmine and Cash are ready to leave, they come into Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and John Palmer (Shane Withington) arguing over the changes at Summer Bay Auto.

Cash had to quit his walk with Jasmine and ends up accompanying John back to his house after deciding he needs to split them up!

Cash apologises to Jasmine the next day, and the two are ready to kiss when his phone calls…

It’s Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) telling him he had to come to the caravan park as soon as possible.

When Cash and Jasmine arrive, they see two men fighting outside of his caravan, with a scantily dressed Felicity cheering them on!

Meanwhile, John and Justin are at odds over the business once more.

When John announced that he was the new garage landlord, he assumed that he would be able to have a role in how the business was handled, which led to a major dispute with Justin.

After a while, John decided to step aside and let Justin handle things, but now that Justin has come up with a few new business ideas, John is kicking off again!

When he put in an offer for the garage, he accused Justin of stealing the concept he had for the firm.

Leah believes it’s time to smash their heads together and lures them into meeting at the Diner after the duo had a fight that Cash has to break up (see above).

The obstinate couple first refuses to speak to each other, but Leah insists that they sit down and chat. They’re not going until they’ve resolved everything!

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) isn’t keen about having concussed doctor Logan Beckett (Harley Bonner) as a patient, so when her other half Christian Green (Ditch Davey) proposes they take Logan home to watch him overnight, she’s not happy.

Tori, on the other hand, notices a different side to Logan the next morning, and she even begins to like him.

Her newfound admiration for the doctor, however, does not last long!


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