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Home and Away spoilers: Theo confesses his feelings but does Chloe feel the same?

In recent weeks, a love triangle has developed between Ryder (Lukas Radovich), Chloe (Sam Barrett), and newcomer Theo (Matt Evans), after Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew came in the Bay and took a like to Ryder’s girlfriend. Ryder became increasingly nervous around the man and began accusing Chloe of sleeping with him, resulting in the couple’s breakup.

The three are now engaging in a money-making endeavour in which the two males take part in prank tasks to upload online while Chloe films. When Ryder overdid the chilli challenge and puked in the bathroom, Theo seized the opportunity to kiss Chloe on the other side of the door.

When Theo tries to elicit Chloe’s perspective on the kiss, she urges him to “leave it go,” but he persists, insisting that she admit she enjoyed it. Chloe, on the other hand, has a strong personality and pushes back, accusing him of being self-centered for kissing her while Ryder was sick next door.

The next challenge is ‘creative cocktails,’ and Ryder is eager to exact vengeance on his foe by incorporating some disgusting ingredients into the beverages. Theo sits down, confident that he has the task under control, until Ryder breaks a raw egg into the first concoction.

Pushing through, Theo drinks it down with a straight face, but Ryder ups the ante by mixing a drink with pork, seafood chowder, and a less-than-fresh oyster. Theo downs the next glass before realising he’s been stuck to the chair. Despite the fact that he rises to

Despite the fact that he succeeds in defeating Ryder, the manner in which he does so confirms Chloe’s worst suspicions by referring to him as a clown…


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