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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy discovers Brody has had a baby!

When Ziggy discovers that Brody had a baby during the final week of Home and Away in Australia, she worries if she made a major mistake reconnecting with Dean.

Dean continues to push Ziggy away as he copes with the knowledge that he may never surf again as we enter the dramatic season finale week.

After over a year apart, the couple reconciled only a few months ago. They kissed at Bella’s (Courtney Miller) show, but it wasn’t until Dean’s automobile accident a few days later that Ziggy realized she couldn’t live without him.

Although the strange automobile accident brought them back together, the stress from the accident and his ongoing physio problems have led Dean’s mood to swing wildly, with Ziggy taking the brunt of his mood swings.

Dean has begun to believe that he may never surf again in recent weeks. When Doctor Bennett (Harley Bonner) couldn’t reassure Dean that he’d be able to go back on the board, Dean began to panic. He began selling his surfboard collection and has been attempting to come up with other ways to generate money if he is no longer able to teach surf lessons.

He snapped at Ziggy at the end of last week when she disclosed she had purchased his favorite board, which he had previously sold to Justin (James Stewart).

He isn’t aware that he is pushing her away, and that he should be more considerate of her feelings, especially since they have just recently reconciled. He’s just concerned with his own problems, and he wants Ziggy to accept the fact that surfing is no longer a part of his life.

This week, Ziggy is forced to contemplate whether or not they have a future together as a result of a shocking revelation.

While Justin and Ziggy are chatting in the garage, Justin casually mentions that Brody’s partner Simone has recently given birth. Ziggy was married to Justin’s brother Brody until he cheated on her with instructor and want tobe chef Simone Bedford (Emily Eskell).

Brody and Simone subsequently departed Summer Bay to create a restaurant and vineyard in Victoria, where they appear to have lived happily ever after.

They recently revealed that they are expecting a child, and they were forced to miss Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian’s (Ditch Davey) wedding last month due to Simone’s morning sickness, which prevented her from making the trip.

Ziggy is knocked for six when Justin slips up and tells her the shocking news.

She shouldn’t be concerned, but she suddenly realizes that Brody has everything he ever desired — the restaurant, the wife, the child – while she is still stuck in the bay with a guy who is cruel to her.

Justin is taken aback by her response as she rushes out of the garage.

Dean notices something isn’t quite right when she arrives home and wants to know what’s going on.

Rather of keeping it a secret, she reveals it: Brody has a nasty baby, and she’s not happy!

Is it possible that reconnecting with Dean was a huge mistake?


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