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Home and Away star Belinda Giblin reveals Martha story was her idea

Belinda Giblin, who plays Martha Stewart on Home and Away, has claimed that the fundraising storyline was her idea.

Martha has been hard at work attempting to raise money for a mental health charity on Channel 5 for the past few weeks.

Martha recently organised an online art auction, and she will take centre stage at a black tie fundraiser dinner she has planned at Salt on Monday’s UK finale episode (November 22).

“The spark for Martha’s fundraising was her son Kieran kidnapping her and the police pursuit earlier this year,” Belinda told Digital Spy exclusively. Her Borderline Personality Disorder was triggered as a result of this.

“Martha discovered in recovery that she needed to accept responsibility for her own life and destiny. Martha has a habit of relying on Alf and Roo to take care of things, but it’s gotten to the point where they’re taking over her life.

“Martha understands that she must take charge of the situation and not rely on others. When it comes to Martha, Alf and Roo might be too careful, which is distressing for her because it’s not what she needs.

“This is why Martha devised her own fundraising event concept. This was also my suggestion to the authors since I was tired of seeing her as a victim. As a result, I stated that this would be beneficial.”

Tane Parata’s stalker targets him with a hazardous gas assault in the gym, setting the setup for a big cliffhanger for UK viewers.

The toxic gases flow into the building’s air ducts and into Salt on the second floor, putting all of the guests at risk.

Belinda went on to say on Martha’s future: “Martha’s greatest worry is that she’ll end up preparing cups of tea in the bait store, which she despises. She’s much different from Alf, but I appreciate the contrast.

“I also admire how Martha gets irritated when others around her are too busybodies. I’m concerned that they make her seem to be a victim a little too much of the time.

“However, I believe the authors like the drama with Martha. They enjoy calamities because they provide fantastic drama. So there’s a little of it, but there’s also a little love and tenderness.”


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