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Home and Away star Emily Weir reveals she “fangirled” over Neighbours actress on set

Former Neighbours star Carla Bonner paid a visit to the set of Home and Away this year, and Emily Weir confessed that she had a “fangirl” moment.

Carla is the real-life mother of Home and Away’s new cast member Harley Bonner, who plays Logan Bennett. Carla is well known for her role as Steph Scully on Ramsay Street.

Emily has a lot of moments with Harley right now because her character Mackenzie Booth is dating Logan.

Emily told Digital Spy exclusively: “Working with Harley Bonner has been a dream come true.” We’ve had a lot of fun and get along pretty well.

“We get along well. We have a lot of laughs together, and he’s a terrific guy and actor – everything you want in a coworker with whom you spend so much time. So that was fantastic.

“I wasn’t aware of Harley’s earlier appearances on Neighbours [as Josh Willis] when I first heard he was coming, but I was aware of his mother Carla Bonner, who played Steph in Neighbours. Steph was a regular on Neighbours when I was a kid, with characters like Toadfish.

“Harley’s mother was residing with him in Sydney when he first started on Home and Away, and she even came to set. I was much too fangirly! ‘Oh my God, it’s Steph!’ I exclaimed. She was just as stunning in person as you’d imagine. She was fantastic. It was incredible to learn that she is his mother.”

Mackenzie’s friendship with Logan has been increasingly serious in recent weeks, as viewers of Home and Away have observed. After her downward slide earlier in the year, this has given Mackenzie a new direction.

Emily went on to say: “After the tragedy that Mac had gone through, I was ecstatic to simply click into a new gear with her. I was thrilled to learn that she’d have a new cast member and love interest, and I couldn’t wait to dive into those dynamics.

“When a new actor joins the cast, they bring a lot of enthusiasm with them, which helps to re-energize you. You come up with fresh methods to work, so it was fantastic, and I was overjoyed.

“I think Mac and Logan complement each other well since they both have a dry sense of humour.” They’re both forthright, but Mackenzie is more high-strung, whilst Logan is a little more laid-back.

“Logan is a trauma surgeon, therefore his profession and career are both quite demanding. Aside from that, he’s a pretty laid-back, peaceful, and enjoyable person. In that way, it’s a perfect match for Mackenzie. She requires a sense of humour and amusement. At this stage in their life, that makes them a terrific match.”


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