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Home and Away star hints challenge will have life changing consequences for Ryder

After his near-death experience in the coffin challenge in Home And Away, Ryder Jackson begins to get panic episodes.

Viewers watched as Theo Poulos buried Ryder alive for the challenge, only to have Theo fall into a gully and become stuck on barbed wire.

Ryder begins to experience a panic attack because he fears he will die, according to Home And Way spoilers.

Justin and Roo, on the other hand, save him and Theo after watching the coffin challenge online and figuring out where they are.

However, the damage has already been done, as Alf threatens to report Ryder to the police after confessing to leaving him.

Meanwhile, Ryder is feeling the effects of the tragedy, with actor Lukas Radovich explaining exclusively to Daily Star the life-altering implications of the challenge.

Lukas notes that Ryder begins to have panic attacks and that the consequences of the challenge will follow him for a long time, saying: “When it comes to Ryder’s mental health, he’s had a few ups and downs, but nothing quite like this.

“Something like this, I believe, will stick with the character for a long time.

“Even though he had put himself in this predicament, you don’t just get over it.” He had no idea what was going to happen next.

“I have a feeling he’ll be holding on to that worry for quite some time.”

When it came to preparation for the storey, Lukas said that he did a lot of research to ensure that his portrayal was as authentic as possible.

“It was quite difficult. It was fascinating to delve into that aspect of panic attacks “Lukas stated.

“Because there is a distinction between a panic attack and an anxiety attack, I did a lot of research into it.

“I spent a lot of time watching films and trying to imagine myself in that world just to figure out the differences. That was a fascinating read.”

Lukas also hopes that his portrayal will resonate with viewers through the tale, as panic attacks have affected millions of people around the world “I hope I did it justice and did a good enough job depicting it. It would be fascinating to hear what people have to say about it.

“Apart from that, it’ll be intriguing to witness Ryder’s reflections on other people’s experiences as he recovers and begins to deal with it in his day-to-day existence.”

“That is one of the best things about Home and Away – with different storylines, people can relate to specific aspects of the programme,” the actor continued, adding that the show’s plots had historically had a tremendous influence on fans.

“We get communications from people all around the world telling us about their own personal experiences with various themes.”

Will this be the last of Theo and Ryder’s adventurous exploits now that they’ve recovered from the challenge’s trauma? What impact will it have on them both in the future? What are their options now?

While fans will have to wait and see what happens to the adorable couple, Lukas has suggested that significant changes are on the way for Ryder, and that fans may get to see a whole new side of him.

“After the challenges, I absolutely think Ryder is headed to a more mature space,” Lukas remarked.

“I believe he has realised what is most important in his life, and he wishes to pursue those interests.”

“I believe you’ll find that Ryder is more concerned with his employment prospects and his desire to leave his imprint on the world.”


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