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Home and Away star Lukas Radovich opens up over Ryder being buried alive

Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder Jackson on Home and Away, has spoken up about his character’s newest horror, as a prank hatched by Ryder and his adversary Theo Poulos threatens to go tragically wrong.

Ryder has been at odds with newcomer Theo (Matt Evans) since Theo first came in the Bay, with the two vying for Chloe Anderson’s affections (Sam Barrett). Their animosity has led to them competing in a series of online daredevil challenges, and the soap’s dramatic season finale teaser has hinted that they may be set to go too far.

Ryder is locked in a coffin and buried underground, and the two are shown travelling into the forest together to begin their “biggest epic quest yet.” However, after Theo is injured and thrown unconscious, Ryder finds stuck in the casket with no one else around.

“I’m not going to say it was horrific, but I’m definitely not going to forget that day,” Lukas said of filming the claustrophobic scenes, according to Australia’s The Daily Telegraph (via The Daily Mail).

The actor went on to say that he couldn’t help but see the lighter side of the dangerous predicament, given Ryder’s proclivity for getting himself stuck in confined situations.

“I started to worry out,” he admitted, “but it was also kind of amusing since this is the third time Ryder has been in this circumstance.”

“He was abducted from his 21st birthday and thrown into a vehicle boot the first time he was caught in a tunnel collapse. The second time he was taken from his 21st birthday and shoved into a car boot. Now there’s this coffin, so it appears like there’s a pattern.”

But, with no specifics on what occurs next to Ryder and Theo, might Ryder be in danger of dying as a result of the risky stunt?

“Hopefully‚Ķ it’s not the end for Ryder,” Lukas said, without revealing anything further.

The plight of Ryder and Theo isn’t the only major storyline that will carry the serial into 2022. Chloe is dealing with her own issues with the recent arrival of her biological father, Matthew (James Sweeny), who has caused grief for Chloe’s mother, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson).

There will also be turmoil for Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), as well as a sick Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin).


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