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Home and Away star’s fall from grace laid bare: Orpheus Pledger looks unrecognisable on SAS Australia after drug possession charges as he bizarrely QUITS the show because he can’t be bothered to do any tasks


Orpheus Pledger abruptly left SAS Australia on Tuesday’s programme after refusing to undertake boring duties.

After the Directing Staff got concerned about the actor’s mental health, he was summoned to see them.

After being ordered to sweep the camp, the 28-year-old protested that he was being pushed to perform things he didn’t think were necessary.

‘I find it intrusive and annoying when someone attempts to force me to do something I don’t want to do without explaining why,’ he said.

With scruffy facial hair, the actor appeared sad and depressed as he met host Ant Middleton, a far cry from his days on the serial series.

‘You’re on it when you’re on it.’ ‘There’s no such thing as middle ground,’ Ant stated of Orpheus’ appearance on the show.

‘You are exactly correct,’ the actor admitted as Ant encouraged him to ‘chip away at every assignment.’

‘You will continue to grow and get stronger. You owe it to yourself, and you know you’re capable,’ Ant explained.

Orpheus responded with a murmured ‘Nah, I want to go home,’ looking aloft and disturbed. ‘I’d like to return home.’

Orpheus could not be persuaded, and sadly handed in his arm band before leaving the camp. Shocked Ant questioned him if he was sure, and cautioned him that he would not have another opportunity like this one – but Orpheus could not be persuaded and regretfully handed in his arm band before leaving the camp.

In a piece to camera, he stated, ‘Completing a course like this, if it’s exactly what I’m required to study, I’m going to go for it.’

‘And if I don’t want to learn it, I won’t be learning it.’ And if you call that quitting, then you’re right,’ he continued.

‘Otherwise, I’m doing what I want for myself because I care about other people,’ says the author.

It comes after Orpheus was sentenced to a six-month good-behavior bond after being caught with methamphetamine, also known as “ice.”

Because of Covid restrictions, the actor was dealt with ‘off papers’ in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in September rather than being brought into court to face the consequences.

Pledger did not formally plead to the charges under the ‘diversion strategy,’ instead making confessions to the committed offences.

Diversion plans are frequently given to first-time offenders under Victorian law, and they are designed to have minimal impact on a person’s life in the future.

In addition, Magistrate Tim Bourke ordered the actor to give $150 to the court fund and take a drug awareness course.


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