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Home and Away teases its mystery new character as Doctor Doctor star joins soap

In its new Australian trailer, Home and Away teases more about Ryan Johnson’s mysterious character.

Johnson, who recently starred in the Australian medical drama Doctor Doctor, had previously appeared on the show as Paolo Rosetta in a brief part.

We already know Ryan will return to the serial as Peter King, who will play a major role in Mackenzie Booth’s storyline as she tries to save her restaurant from bankruptcy.


As Mac’s financial situation at Salt deteriorates, she resorts to arranging illegal gambling nights to preserve her company.

Mac will be hosting the risky gambling events, believing they are her only route out of her money woes, according to previous trailers.

“There are no skeletons in my closet,” Ryan’s character Peter tells Mac in the new trailer before offering her an exclusive poker night.

“One more night, then we can go back to our lives,” Mac says to Felicity Newman after Peter offers her an extraordinary opportunity.

Felicity, on the other hand, has serious reservations about Peter, telling Mac, “There’s something weird about him,” as the clip concludes, hinting ‘huge regrets?’ “Name your price,” Peter says before telling Mac.

Meanwhile, Emily Weir, who plays Mac, has stated that the plot of her character would have a significant impact on Summer Bay.

“The plot is so interesting,” Emily added. “It has a lot of different levels to it, and it’s something that will eventually take over the entire Bay.”

“This illicit gambling plot affects everyone, since it actually goes out and into a lot of other people’s stories.”



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