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Home and Away to air huge Tane Parata cliffhanger for UK finale

Fans may expect a huge cliffhanger for Tane Parata on the final episode of Home and Away for UK viewers next week.

Just as Tane’s stalker storey reaches a climax, the Summer Bay serial is about to go on hiatus for six weeks on Channel 5.

Tane (Ethan Browne) has recently received roses and strange notes that have made him uneasy. On multiple instances, he has accused Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) of being the perpetrator, however it is unclear if she is guilty or not.

Tane will struggle next week on Channel 5 as the Summer Bay residents begin to perceive him as the villain in the scenario, following his violent confrontations with Felicity.

When he attempts to strike up a discussion with someone from the Bay, they do everything they can to avoid him.

When Felicity’s cop brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) issues him with an interim Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) on her behalf, things get much worse for Tane. Tane must remain away from Felicity in order to do this.

Tane is shocked, and he believes that Felicity should be served with an AVO. A lot of folks in the area watch his outburst and continue to support Felicity.

Later, an unidentified gloved person spikes a sports drink and brings it into the gym with him.

The poisoned drink is swapped with one that Tane has been sipping at the gym’s front desk.

Tane inadvertently begins to consume the hazardous beverage, and it isn’t long before the drug’s effects become apparent, as he begins to struggle to move.

Tane finally drops to the floor as the enigmatic person reappears, lays a rose on him, and then instals a chemical sprayer nearby.

Tane is in grave danger as the sprayer sprays a poisonous material all around him.

To make matters worse, the material seeps into neighbouring air vents and into the Salt restaurant, where Martha Stewart is holding a mental health benefit.

Will everyone be able to escape this devastating attack?

The finale episode for Australia will be revealed separately.


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