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Home and Away’s Ari Parata and Mia Anderson left devastated by adoption news

Ari Parata and Mia Anderson of Home and Away get some bad news concerning their adoption plans next week.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) want to adopt a child to grow their family.

Viewers have previously watched the pair purchase the local gym in an attempt to improve their prospects, knowing that small company owners are more likely to impress the authorities.

Ari and Mia make preparations for the future as they await the outcome of their adoption application in next week’s episodes.

The two get together with Ari’s brother Tane (Ethan Browne) to talk about how they might enhance the gym.

Ari is upset to learn that he lacks many ideas, realising that the gym is more Mia and Tane’s endeavour than his own.

After coming to grips with this, Ari proposes that he be the hands-on parent at home while Mia focuses on running the gym.

However, the next day, Ari and Mia’s joyous intentions are destroyed.

The authorities have told the couple that their adoption application has been denied.

Ari instantly blames himself for the bad news, knowing full well that his criminal record would not help them.

Despite the fact that Ari has changed his life since his time in prison, it appears that this was insufficient to please the adoption officials.

While Ari and Mia’s adoption hopes aren’t over – there’s still time to file an appeal – how will they cope with this heartbreaking setback?


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