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Home and Away’s Bridie Carter is eliminated from Dancing With The Stars: All Stars after salsa dance-off with AFL star Anthony Koutoufides

Bridie Carter was sent home from Dancing With The Stars: All Stars on Sunday night’s episode.

The television actress, 51, was gracious in her exit after losing a salsa dance-off against Anthony Koutoufides and his partner Jess Raffa.

‘Thank you for having me,’ Bridie said, clearly happy to have had the opportunity to come back on the show.

She failed to thank her dance partner Craig for a brief minute before immediately saying, ‘Thank you, Craig.’

On Sunday, the bottom two couples were Bridie and her partner Craig, and Anthony Koutoufides and his partner Jess.

The couples were given the chore of dancing the salsa, and Anthony and Jess came out on top.

During the routine, Judge Mark Wilson applauded the couple’s ‘fun and vitality.’

‘It was the efforts that led to the fun, excitement, and lifts,’ Mark added, before adding that the two had the most ‘original’ routine.

The round was dubbed “brutal” by judge Helen Richey because both stars were past series champions. Bridie won the series in 2007, whereas Anthony had won the year before.

‘This is just awful,’ Helen observed, referring to the fact that both of them had won prior series.

‘However, we must judge you based on what you did now, not what you did previously.’

Todd was asked who he would have selected despite not initially providing feedback, and he said Anthony and Jess.

The judges stated before the performance that they needed lots of enthusiasm and urged the couples not to be ‘too technical.’

‘It isn’t a particularly technical dance.’ ‘It’s all about the music and the rotation,’ Helen explained.

‘It’s all about the vibe and having a good time,’ Todd remarked.

Dancing With The Stars returns to Channel Seven on Sunday at 7 p.m.


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