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Home and Away’s Cash Newman surprises Jasmine Delaney with new decision

On UK screens next week, Cash Newman from Home and Away reconsiders taking the next step in his romance with Jasmine Delaney.

When Jasmine asked Cash if he’d like to move in with her at Irene Roberts’ house, he turned her down.

When Jasmine pressed Cash for an answer, he said he was afraid of abandoning his problematic sister Felicity if he moved in with her.

Felicity quickly learned of this and accused Cash of using her as an excuse to avoid living with Jasmine.

Cash visits Irene in next week’s programmes on Channel 5 and admits to having a sudden change of heart.

Cash asks Irene if he may have a key to her house so he can move in and surprise Jasmine.

Irene resists since she doesn’t want to give the go-ahead for this without Jasmine’s knowledge.

Cash disagrees, claiming that moving in quietly would be a lovely gesture, but Irene and Felicity disagree.

Later, Cash switches gears and arranges a romantic lunch for him and Jasmine.

Cash places an order for champagne and gives her an odd gift: his toothbrush.

The cop cheerfully says that he wants the toothbrush to live in their shared bathroom next to Jasmine’s.

Jasmine is taken aback by Cash’s rapid change of heart on the subject of moving in.

Cash is taken aback to discover Jasmine hesitating, as she presses him for specific reasons for his change of heart.

Is it possible for the pair to get on the same page?


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