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Home and Away’s Chloe Anderson confronts Mia over her father

Chloe Anderson of Home and Away will shortly confront her mother Mia Anderson in dramatic moments, as Chloe discovers for the first time the truth about her father’s identity.

Fans in Australia were shocked to see newcomer Matthew (James Sweeny) arrive in Summer Bay, and it wasn’t long before a terrified Mia (Anna Samson) saw him. Matthew is Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) father, and Mia has kept him out of their life for so long since he sexually attacked her on the night of Chloe’s pregnancy.

Despite Mia’s warnings to leave immediately, Matthew opted to stay after seeing Chloe for the first time to introduce himself to his daughter.

According to TV Week, Matthew will spend days attempting to find a method to communicate to Chloe in scenes that will run this week in Australia and early next year in the UK. When he finally finds her alone in the Diner, he decides to take advantage of the situation.

Chloe is first concerned that stranger Matthew appears to be hell-bent on keeping her in the Diner, but when he reveals that the daughter he is seeing in the Bay is her, her fear quickly turns to bewilderment.

Chloe rushes home and confronts her mother, wanting to know why Matthew would say anything like that.

Mia is forced to reveal that Matthew is Chloe’s biological father, but she explains that she had legitimate reasons for keeping him out of their lives. She urges Chloe not to become involved with Matthew, but whether she listens is another matter.

Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), Mia’s partner, is equally determined to keep his family safe, and he confronts Matthew on the dock, demanding that he stay away from them or else – but if the latest teaser for the drama is any indication, Matthew will be unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Chloe is divided between her feelings and her desire to get the truth about the incident, so she agrees to meet with Matthew again. When the two finally meet, Matthew reveals to Chloe that she is the outcome of a single night with Mia. He claims Mia left him alone when his parents offered her an abortion.

As Chloe and Matthew become closer, Mia notices them together and asks Chloe to leave him. However, with secrets suddenly coming to light, Chloe is unsure which parent she should leave.

Tensions quickly rise to a climax, and things erupt when someone makes a surprising decision that has the potential to change everything. But what will happen, and how will Chloe handle it?


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