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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson faces upsetting setback as he continues his recovery

Dean Thompson of Home and Away will face yet another setback this week as he recovers from significant injuries incurred in a recent automobile accident.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been fighting a long battle to recover from the car accident, and while he’s making progress, he’s still frustrated by what he can’t accomplish.

Following his fall at home last week while attempting to restore the physical aspect of his relationship with partner Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) on Australian television screens, his thoughts are now going to his passion of surfing.

According to TV Week, Dean will grow terrified that he may never be able to surf again owing to his injuries in scenes that will run this week in Australia and early next year in the UK.

He goes to the beach to at least observe the waves, but instead of feeling compelled to go back on his surfboard, Dean is struck with apprehension at the sight of the water.

Despite Ziggy’s best efforts, Dean is unable to move as he struggles with his emotions.

Dean has some positive news when new medical tests confirm that his recuperation is on track. When doctor Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) acknowledges he can’t tell if Dean will ever be strong enough to surf again, he takes another hit.

Dean is devastated and unsure how he can go on – or even if he wants to. Will Ziggy’s encouragement be enough to keep him going on his road to recovery?


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