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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to spiral out of control as tragic story is revisited

Felicity Newman of Home and Away will take a darker turn in scenes airing in Australia this week, as the soap revisits her and brother Cash Newman’s father’s death.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has had a difficult time recently, having been kidnapped by stalker Anne Sherman and imprisoned alongside Tane Parata in an abandoned cabin (Ethan Browne). Felicity’s life isn’t going to get any easier now that the duo is free.

Felicity and Tane enjoy spending time together on the beach this week, according to TV Week, but Felicity’s attitude swiftly deteriorates when she receives a text from Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Cash informs her that he is making preparations to visit their father’s cemetery because their father’s memorial is coming. Felicity, on the other hand, decides she doesn’t want to go on the vacation.

Felicity and Cash’s father died a number of years ago, but Cash’s girlfriend Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) was perplexed when Felicity claimed that he had been murdered by an unknown assailant, while Cash claimed that he had committed himself.

Felicity is still certain that her father’s death was a homicide, as actress Jacqui explains: “She feels her father was assassinated because he would never abandon his children. So, in her opinion, he must have been murdered.”

Cash is unable to persuade his sister to accompany him to the funeral, so he travels alone to the monument while Jasmine stays at home to keep a watch on Felicity.

Felicity, on the other hand, has no intention of making things easy for Jasmine, so she chooses to get drunk and stroll about town searching for a good time. Felicity runs off with a bunch of males she doesn’t know when Jasmine’s back is turned.

Jasmine, enraged, tracks her down and attempts to haul her away, but Felicity, enraged, asks her to back off and heads off for a night of partying.

“Felicity’s mental health is worsening steadily. She’s upset and in denial “Jacqui said. “When she begins to drink, it simply serves to amplify her feelings of rage and sadness. So she says a lot of things now that she will come to regret later.”

Jasmine calls Cash in tears, telling him all that Felicity has been up to. Cash is extremely concerned about his sister’s mental health, especially because he has recently made a revelation about their father that may be enough to push her over the brink.

What has Cash discovered about his and Felicity’s father, and how does this affect the situation?


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