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Home and Away’s James Sweeny’s real life with girlfriend Jessica away from Matthew Montgomery

Since his debut appearance on Home and Away, James Sweeny has turned the world upside down.

The actor appeared under unexplained circumstances at first, but it was eventually revealed that he was Chloe Anderson’s biological father.

While his character on the show has never caused any trouble, in real life, the actor enjoys relaxing at home with his partner Jessica.

On Home and Away, who does James play?

Matthew Montgomery, Chloe Anderson’s biological father, is played by James.

He chooses to approach her after seeing her photo in the papers, but his appearance causes problems for her mother Mia, causing her household to be in chaos.

As the truly tragic nature of her existence is disclosed, it is discovered that her conception did not occur in a happy circumstance.

His character, on the other hand, could be jeopardised if things get violent for the trio when Chloe tries to break them up.

Before Home and Away, what did James do?

James has already appeared on rival show Neighbours, so this isn’t his first time on a soap.

In 2016, he played Ryan Prescott and appeared in eight episodes of the show.

When it was revealed that Amy Williams used to work for his lingerie-cleaning business, his character tormented her.

Residents work together to get Ryan kicked out of town, with Terese acquiring a hard drive from his character that he was using to blackmail Amy.

In real life, who is James dating?

Jessica Jade Jean Johnson, James’ girlfriend, has been with him for a long time.

When they first appeared to be dating in 2019, the couple began sharing adorable photos on social media.

However, after he posted a family photo with his then 18-month-old niece as the trio enjoyed a day at the park, some admirers mistook his lovely sister, Susannah, for his boyfriend.

James and his real girlfriend enjoy going for walks in the woods with their spaniel, Bernie.


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