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Home and Away’s Jasmine Delaney suffers a new romance setback with Cash Newman

Jasmine Delaney of Home and Away is dealing with yet another setback in her romance with Cash Newman.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) has decided to take the next step in her relationship by moving in with Cash, but he appears to have very different views.

Jasmine received some gentle support from her friend Irene Roberts in Thursday’s programmes on Channel 7 in Australia (Lynne McGranger).


Irene, who rents a room to Jasmine, emphasised that if she ever wanted Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to move in, she had her permission.

The remark gave Jasmine pause for thought as she considered how happy Cash has made her since they started dating.

Jasmine didn’t waste any time and asked Cash if he wanted to move in during a quiet moment on the jetty after dark.

Cash was evidently shaken by the suggestion and responded bluntly: “I’m sorry, but I’ll have to decline. That isn’t going to work for me at all.”

To make matters worse, Cash rushed away without saying anything else.

Cash turned Jasmine down because he was worried about his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and wanted to keep an eye on her at the caravan park, according to next week’s episodes in Australia.

When Felicity discovers that Cash is blaming her for his decision, she is going to be furious.

Felicity is seen warning her brother in the end-of-episode trailer for next week’s episode of Home and Away: “You don’t want to do anything, do you? That is entirely your fault. Please don’t use me as a scapegoat.”


Is there any chance that Jasmine’s intentions will come to fruition?

In April, viewers of Home and Away in the United Kingdom will be able to see these moments on Channel 5.


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