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Home and Away’s Lukas Radovich lives in a busy and modern house away from Ryder Jackson role

Lukas Radovich, who will shortly leave the renowned soap drama Home and Away, will be missed.

From falling into difficulties with his friend Theo Poulos to nearly dying after being buried alive to his various relationships with Summer Bay’s women, the actor has embarked on some challenging roles.

He does, however, live in a busy and modern home with all of his pals as housemates when he is not on the show.

They all like spending time in their back yard, which is surrounded by towering grey fences for privacy and a variety of plants and flowers for colour.

Their clean and modern kitchen is accessed by folding white glass doors that open all the way.

Lukas has a stone patio with a wooden bench and seating area where guests may be entertained and summer parties can be held.

The star of Home and Away has a stainless steel kitchen with all black appliances. All of the housemates congregate around their white kitchen island for drinks and tiny picture sessions.

Lukas’ room features a cosy bed with a soft blue blanket and a large grey sofa for lounging.

His walls are black, but he has a variety of images and photos on them to provide some colour to the room.

The actor owns a large backyard.

Lukas’ house is flooded with natural light.

In the yard, there is a lot of flora.

Lukas’ kitchen is sleek and black.

In his bedroom, Lukas is hanging out with a dog.


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