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Home and Away’s Lukas Radovich reveals his character will be BURIED ALIVE in shock plot twist

Over the years, Home and Away has had some dramatic plotlines.

However, in a future episode, actor Lukas Radovich will be buried alive during a prank gone wrong.

The 26-year-old actor, who portrays Ryder Jackson on the soap, says the scenes were difficult to shoot.

‘It’s right at the top of my mind.’ ‘Look, I’m not going to say it was horrific, but that day will stay with me forever,’ he told The Daily Telegraph on Sunday.

During the young actor confesses he was nervous while filming the sequences, he also found his character’s position humorous.

‘I started to worry out, but it was also kind of amusing since this is Ryder’s third time in this position,’ he explained.

‘He was abducted from his 21st and thrown in a vehicle boot the first time he was caught in a tunnel collapse. Now there’s this casket, so it appears there’s a pattern,’ he continued.

Lukas has been tight-lipped on whether his unfortunate character survives his trauma, stating only that ‘hopefully… it’s not the end for Ryder.’

Ryder will be buried alive by his pal Theo, played by actor Matt Evans, in this episode.

The men stage a prank to raise money to pay off a debt owed to Ryder’s mother, Georgie Parker, who plays Roo Stewart.

However, when Theo is injured and Ryder is trapped in a coffin buried underground, everything goes horribly wrong.

Channel Seven’s Home and Away airs Mondays at 7.30 p.m.


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