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Home and Away’s Martha Stewart disappears before event night

On UK screens next week, Martha Stewart from Home and Away worries about her loved ones when she goes missing on the night of her big event at Salt.

Martha (Belinda Giblin) has been planning a benefit for a mental health organisation for the past few weeks.

Martha has been hard at work producing a new painting with a mental health theme in addition to monitoring the preparations.

Martha’s family discovers she is missing just hours before the event is scheduled to begin.

When Martha’s husband Alf (Ray Meagher) and daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) learn of her disappearance, they go to great lengths to locate her.

Roo is particularly concerned that Martha’s mental health may have deteriorated as a result of the stress of planning everything.

As the day approaches, Roo contemplates cancelling the gathering because Martha is unlikely to attend.

Alf advises Roo to keep everything moving along as planned while he searches for Martha.

As the fundraiser gets underway, Roo finds herself in a precarious scenario, replete with a star visitor – Australian TV presenter Sam Mac.

After all of Martha’s hard work, everyone expects to see her, so Roo attempts to come up with a storey for why she isn’t there.

Alf, thankfully, locates Martha, who is sitting alone in a local park.

Martha is concerned if she will be able to handle the situation, but Alf encourages her and vows not to abandon her.

When Martha arrives and begins to give a huge speech, Roo is thrilled.

Despite the fact that Martha freezes in the heat of the moment, Alf enters the stage and stands by her side as she presents her artwork.

Following that, Roo hands the huge check for $48,000 to the mental health charity.

However, as everyone is celebrating, a serious scenario is developing, as a deadly material is seeping into the restaurant through the air vents from the gym.

Tane Parata’s stalker has set up a chemical sprayer at the gym with the intention of killing him. Will the rest of the Summer Bay people get caught in the crossfire as well?


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