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Home and Away’s Matt Evans reveals why he doesn’t fall in love easily as he prepares to debut new music


Hunk from Home and Away Matt Evans has announced that he is now single.

On Wednesday, the gorgeous actor confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that he has yet to find love off-screen.

‘At the time, there is no one on the horizon,’ he remarked.

The singer confessed that he is drawn to composing love songs but that he does not readily fall in love.

‘I create a lot of love songs,’ he admitted, ‘which is weird because I haven’t had many girlfriends and don’t fall in love very readily.’

‘It just feels natural to express myself through music,’ he continued, ‘whereas I struggle in real life sometimes.’

The song of Matt, who plays Theo Poulos on the show, will be played during subsequent sequences.

‘That excites me tremendously because it is so lovely to have both worlds collide,’ he remarked.

‘It’s been difficult to let go of music by focusing solely on acting for a long, but it’s fantastic to be able to do both.’

Following his appearance on The Voice, Matt joined Home and Away in September of last year.

He participated under Delta Goodrem’s direction and finished in the Top 20 for the season.

The 25-year-old told The Daily Telegraph that he is learning more about the trade every day.

‘I went in with a clean slate,’ he added, ‘and I’m learning so much every day.’

While he has yet to add any acting credits to his IMDb page, his humorous nature and passion of making “impersonations” helped him land the part.

‘I believe I’ve always been a bit of a class clown and I’ve always loved impersonations,’ he explained,’so it feels easy for me to leap into a character.’

Matt rose to fame as a member of Team Delta on the reality singing competition before forming Goldi with Janie Gordon.

‘When I was young, I always believed that my route to success was going to be different,’ he told The Mud Mag last year on following his creative dreams.

‘I felt exceptional when I discovered the arts.’ He noted at the time, “I knew this was a voyage I wanted to do.”


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