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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata left frustrated by Chloe’s manipulation after Ari’s death

The upcoming episodes of Home and Away will see Nikau Parata dissatisfied by Chloe’s behavior as she deals with the death of his uncle and stepfather Ari.

Tane Parata tries to approach a heartbroken Chloe in new scenes from the Australian serial after Ari’s death from pseudomyxoma peritonei, an extremely rare form of cancer.

Instead of deflecting, Chloe decides to throw Nikau under the bus, claiming that he is the one Tane should be concerned about.


Chloe persuades Tane that Nikau has been struggling behind closed doors while putting up a show for his loved ones.

When addressed by his uncle, Nikau claims to be OK, leaving Tane perplexed as to what to make of Chloe’s accusations.

Meanwhile, Nikau, wanting to spend quality time with his fiancée Bella, is overjoyed to finally have the house to himself, and prepares a romantic supper for the two of them — only to be rudely interrupted by Chloe.

Bella, who sympathizes with Chloe’s predicament, appreciates the interruption. Nikau, on the other hand, is enraged by the interruption of their time together.

When Chloe, seemingly oblivious to the uncomfortable atmosphere, makes herself at home, he quickly hits his limit. Nikau, unable to contain himself any longer, confronts Chloe about her disruptive behavior, leading her to cry before Bella intervenes.

Bella reassures Chloe that she is welcome to stay the night with them, and then spends the rest of the night with her watching movies.

Despite his frustration, Nikau tries to be patient for Bella’s sake, only to be surprised to see Chloe tucking Bella in on the couch after the two had spent the night conversing.

Nikau had had enough of the family breakfast. To Bella’s dismay, he scolds Chloe, accusing her of playing the victim in order to gain sympathy from his girlfriend, and rushes out.


When John later sees Nikau, he tries to correct him. He emphasizes that everyone in the family is mourning, and that despite the fact that grief can be dirty and dark, they must all stick together.

John’s advise was appreciated by Nikau, but were his reservations about Chloe’s behavior justified?


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