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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata makes surprising decision after Bella Nixon’s ultimatum

In forthcoming episodes of Home and Away, Nikau Parata will make an unexpected choice concerning his relationship with Bella Nixon, which will be a surprising twist.

Nikau and Bella’s future is thrown into doubt in scenes due to broadcast later this week in Australia and in a few weeks in the UK, as the repercussions from Nikau’s romance with his modelling agency Sienna Blake unfolds.

Nikau cheated on Bella after mistakenly assuming she had betrayed him with her photography tutor Emmett Ellison, but subsequently admitted his mistake after realising his error.

Now the ball looks to be in Nikau’s court, as Bella chooses to give her relationship with Nikau another chance (via TV Week).

Bella issues a final ultimatum to her ex, reminding Nikau that it’s now or never, and if things don’t improve, they’ll have to part ways forever.

Bella is surprised when a defiant Nikau refuses Bella’s ultimatum and flees. Bella has been devastated again again, but are the on-again, off-again couple’s problems truly over?

Courtney Miller, who portrays Bella, told Digital Spy that she knew the heartbreaking sequences would touch with Home and Away viewers when she spoke about the dramatic infidelity plot.

Last month, she remarked, “I knew this narrative would be a heartbreaker for those at home watching.”

“Bella and Nikau have such a lovely and realistic relationship. I was ecstatic to convey the realism to Bella’s grief, an emotion that everyone watching would understand. Bella would be devastated if she found out about Nikau’s infidelity. Nikau is the ground beneath her feet.”


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