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Home and Away’s Sam Frost reveals she suffers from ‘anxiety triggered weight loss’ in candid post

In a personal Instagram Story on Wednesday, Sam Frost claimed she suffers from ‘anxiety caused weight loss.’

The 32-year-old Home and Away actress also revealed what works for her when it comes to’regaining your appetite.’

‘Anything is better than nothing,’ she started, ‘even if it’s “unhealthy” – McDonald’s Chicken Burgers for me.’

‘Begin with small, frequent nibbles throughout the day.’ Make an eating routine for yourself. ‘Try smoothies if you’re having trouble eating,’ she suggested.

Before giving any additional assistance, Sam advised ‘eating with a buddy [as] social situations might aid.’

‘Relax and take care of your body. Caffeine consumption should be reduced. Consult a psychologist or a doctor to determine the source of the problem. ‘Be nice and kind to yourself.’

‘These are suggestions from my psych,’ she continued. Remember that everyone is different, and these tips may be useful to you. However, for specific health advise, always see your doctor or psychologist.’

It comes after Sam was chastised for revealing that she was unvaccinated in an emotional video on Instagram last month.

The former Bachelorette said that other people’s ‘judgement’ of her had harmed her mental health.

‘It’s a really difficult moment to be in society right now because you feel like you’re less of a human and people criticise you,’ she stated in the video.

She also warned that coming out publicly as unvaccinated could get her in trouble, before urging people to treat one another with more kindness and compassion.

Sam’s choice not to be vaccinated was backed by Channel Seven at the time, who said she followed the network’s COVID safety guidelines.

Sam said she was being ‘written out temporarily’ in an Instagram post earlier this month, adding that she would return to Home and Away once she was completely vaccinated.

‘My managers are fantastic; we’ve been communicating openly for months.’ She commented, “I’m happy we were able to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”

Her COVID vaccine backflip came after Channel Seven announced that all employees must be fully vaccinated by January 10.


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