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Hunky Home and Away star Ethan Browne says ratings on the soap soar every time he takes his shirt off – as he discusses steamy on-screen romance with co-star Jacqui Purvis

Ethan Browne thinks he’s cracked the code to high ratings.

The 29-year-old Home and Away star claims that every time he has taken his shirt off on screen, viewership on the soap has increased.

‘It’s every time I have to do a topless scene, hey,’ I’ve figured it out. On Saturday, he told The Herald Sun, “Ratings just go up.”

Tane Parata and Felicity ‘Flick’ Newman are the trendy new couple in Summer Bay, and Ethan and his co-star Jacqui Purvis play them.

While the duo has been popular with audiences, Jacqui believes the characters are in for a rocky ride.

‘There will be a challenge between them,’ says the narrator. ‘It’ll be interesting to watch how the audience responds to it,’ she told the newspaper.

‘Will they be able to stay together? Is this going to be something that separates them? ‘It’ll be incredibly hot, sexual, and a lot of fun,’ added the actress.

Ethan is a novice to soaps, while Jacqui played Melissa Lohan in Neighbours for 18 episodes in 2019.

It comes after the actor confessed that he gave birth to his daughter Aaylah at the age of 16 years old.

In a beautiful Instagram post late last year, he wished his young girl a happy 13th birthday alongside a photo of the two together.

‘My Angel is now a teen, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays, my lovely young girl. Everything I do is for you, and I will love and protect you for the rest of my life,’ he added.

In early 2022, Channel Seven will reintroduce Home and Away.


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